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Top 5 Console Quality Games for Android/IOS

PUBG mobile PUBG mobile is the first battle Royale game which is still very famous among mobile gamers. It is...

Google Pixel 4 review

This fall season has become one of the most exciting times in the Android space. The Google Pixel 4 arrives...

How to check NEB Result 2076 | Class 11 Result

The NEB is set to publish the results of the XI Examination soon. Here is how to check NEB result...

Important information regarding new fare rates

Important information regarding the new rates for public passengers and carrier vehicles, which will be effective from 07-06-2075.

How To Prevent Dengue | ​Protect Your Home From Dengue Mosquitoes

Because there is currently no effective vaccine against dengue and no specific treatment for the disease, controlling and preventing dengue...

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