Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade – Coming Fall 2019


After Google announced STADIA on GDC (Game Development Conference) on Monday, March 18, 2019, Apple has also introduced Apple Arcade on its apple event 2019. Similarly, Apple card and other new improvements were also announced.

Apple Arcade

Apple claimed that Apple Arcade is the world’s first game subscription in the Mobile Gaming. With a single subscription, you can have access to over 100 exclusively new games.  Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller claimed a statement, “The App Store is the world’s biggest and most successful gaming platform. Now we are going to take mobile gaming even further with Apple Arcade, the first game subscription service for mobile, desktop and the living room”. You can play these games across any kinds of devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AppleTV. You can change the device from iPhone to iPad, Mac, or Apple TV while playing the game.

All games in Arcade can be played offline and there will be no ads in games. Another big advantage of Arcade is there will be no in-app purchases in the game. Games in Arcade doesn’t have access to collect the user’s data or doesn’t allow to track user’s information about how do users play games without user’s consent.  Apple has joined with some of the world’s most innovative game developers and try to create a new way of gaming and pushing the boundaries of What’s possible. Some of the unique and very beautiful games that you will find in Apple Arcade are

Where Cards Fall (Snowman | The Game Band)

The Pathless (Annapurna Interactive | Giant Squid)

LEGO Brawls (LEGO | RED Games)

Hot Lava (Klei Entertainment)

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (Cornfox & Bros.)

Beyond a Steel Sky (Revolution Software)


 Apple Arcade will be available from fall 2019 in over 150 countries and regions around the world. There are many consoles and platforms to play the games but the question is What price should you pay to play the games? or Would you like to pay a monthly subscription to play a game?

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