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Best Free Games for Android and IOS

Knight Brawl

Seller Colin Lane Games AB
Size 67.8 MB

Compatibility Requires iOS 9 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Requires Android
4.0 and up



It is a classic action game which is very addictive. It received the play score of 8.8 in the play store. It’s a wacky brawl helps to release your all frustrations. This game is considered as the wild, wacky gladiator battles. Battle opponents on Castle Roofs, Pirate Ships, and 2 other locations. Take part in mass brawls, fight one vs one or carry out missions for your manager. The main goal is earning those gold coins so you can buy a nice new Helmet or a glorious Golden Axe.
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Dota Underlords

Valve Corporation 
Size 146.2 MB

Compatibility Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Requires Android
5.0 and up
dota mobile

Dota Underloads is a unique strategy game which is designed and developed by the Valve Corporation itself. This game is an action board game where all the characters of Dota PC game.

STRATEGIZE TO WIN: Recruit heroes and upgrade them into more powerful versions of themselves.

MIX AND MATCH: Each hero you recruit can form unique alliances. Stacking your team with allied heroes will unlock powerful bonuses that can crush your rivals.

CROSSPLAY: Play on your platform of choice and battle players across the globe in a hassle-free crossplay experience. Running late? Start a match on your PC and finish it on your mobile device (and vice versa). Your profile in Dota Underlords is shared across all devices, so no matter what you play on, you’re always making progress.

LIGHTNING-FAST NETWORK: Underlords runs on a shiny new network system for lag-free experiences.

RANKED MATCHMAKING: Everyone starts at the bottom, but by playing against other Underlords you’ll climb through the ranks and prove you’re worthy to rule White Spire.

TOURNAMENT-READY: Create your own private lobbies and matches, then invite spectators to watch 8 Underlords duke it out.

OFFLINE PLAY: Offering a sophisticated AI with 4 levels of difficulty, offline play is a great place to hone your skills. Pause and resume games at your leisure.

SEASONAL ROTATION: Every season we’ll say goodbye to certain Heroes, Items, and Alliances to make room for new additions that will shape the ever-evolving world of Underlords.

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Fortress Go


Size 753.8 MB

Compatibility Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5s – iPhone XR, iPad Air, iPad

Requires Android
4.0 and up

android game

This game is based on the 3 min turn-based shooting which is similar to the old classic game WORM. Fortress Go is one of the very interesting games which can make you addictive to play the game.

It is a relaxing and social-based Real-time competitive game. Players could choose from more than 20 kinds of cute tanks with a different career, enjoy yourself in the various battlefield!


[Updated gameplay method]

Target locked down! Missile all settled! Fire! The super-classic playing method has been updated with many charming detail parts! The unique “BONUS” system will bring you to a fast-paced and turn-based battle.

[3 minutes turn-based battle]

Enjoy the battle at any time and anywhere, invite your friends to join in or make new friends as well, just give it a shoot!

[Real time quick matching with players all over the world]

An infinite variety of enemies are coming! Build up of your own “family” for a long term relationship with your friends and develop your leadership!

[Career based tanks with diversified skills]

Attack, eruption, therapy, control… Each tank starts with 3 kinds of different skills then it could develop for more skills. Make your own epic tank army and decorate them to be unique!

[Worldwide Rank system]

Become the strongest challenger in different competition system, to prove your strength in tanks’ world!

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Dawn Of Isles

NetEase Games

Size 1.4 GB

Compatibility Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Requires Android
5.0 and up
dawn of Isles

Dawn of Isles is a new fun adventure game which has more than 30,000 and ratings of 4.5 out of 5. This fun adventure game is an MMORPG survival game where you have to collect the items and craft the tools to survive.

 Build an Uncharted Island!
– Use your Axe and Pickaxe to gather resources and begin construction from the ground up.
– Develop workshops, pits, and piers to produce, process, and sell products.
– Plant and harvest crops, or “borrow” some from your neighbors…

· Create Amazing Items!
– Infuse flasks with Elemental Spirits and unleash the primal power of nature.
– Produce quality fishing rods try to reel in cunning fish.
– Prepare delicious feasts that will tingle the taste buds.

· Tame Incredible Pets!
– Roam beautiful and diverse lands with your exotic pets.
– Learn the way of the Hunter’s Guild and dance with pets in the Flower Circle.
– Nourish and care for your animal companions, and let loose their potential with Pet Skills.

· Challenge Devious Foes!
– Choose from an array of weapons and skills for a variety of combat styles.
– Observe how the environment interacts with the elements and take full advantage to gain an edge in battle.
– Discern the weakness of fierce monsters, deal a fatal blow, and claim huge rewards.

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NetEase Games

Size 1.4 GB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

It is a squad-based action game where you have to face up to 100 players. In this non-stop action shooter game you have to play with 4 other players as a squad. It is a squad-based team shooter with anti-nuclear war imagery and it centers around the theme of warfare in 2030, where armed factions are constantly fighting each other over nuclear weapons and money. The disorder has created a vast and realistic war-ridden background for players. Factions and settings such as the Pale Knights and Thermal Nuclear Conflict, as well as other details, gradually emerge. War has become the norm for the entire world. Armed factions are constantly fighting each other over nuclear weapons and money. In this never-ending war, players will enter the battlefield and become engulfed in the fires of war.

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