Bijay Shahi/ Full Biography, Education, Career, Age, Memory King, World Record

Bijay Shahi who is newly recorded as the “Memory King” by CHAMPIONS Book of the WORLD RECORDS organized at Annapurna Hotel Kathmandu in Feb. Vijay Shahi is the memory king of Nepal. He holds his name in the Champions Book of World Record for remembering 102 words in 30 Seconds.

Biography of Bijay Shahi

Early Life & Education

Bijay Shahi was born in 1999, June 20 at Kalikot, a remote district of Nepal. He spent most of his childhood in his birthplace Kalikot. He finished his schooling in his hometown. Later, for his better future and study, he moved to the capital city, Kathmandu. He struggled a lot during his residence in Kathmandu as he was into a very new place. He focused mainly on his study. He studies more than seventeen hours a day. He even secured 1st position in Grade 11. His father is a teacher. He is the younger brother among three brothers in his family.

Bijay Shahi’s Career

Bijay claims that he has the formula to memorize the whole book in a few minutes. During his study period, Bijay Shahi developed himself a formula to remember a lot of text in a very short period of time. Shahi got many platforms to show his “talent”. He has developed it to perform various campaigns and seminars. After a few years of practice and research, he upgraded his talent, and finally, he successfully set the world record on 8th February 2020. We all people know the thing Shahi is doing is impossible things, and we also know impossible isn’t a permanent thing. Photographic memory, these are special powers or techniques that allow people to memorize an entire object, image, text, or what a person sees.

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