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Famous Food of Nepal | Unique Nepali Dishes

Gundruk and Dhido:

Gundruk and Dhido Famous Food of Nepal

Gundruk and dhido are one of the national food in Nepal. It is one of the most famous food in Nepal. Gundruk is made of any green leaves such as mustard leaves, spinach. It can be served as a main curry with dhido or rice and also it can be served as a pickle as a side dish. It is the traditional food which can be prepared with the flour of maize, millet or even wheat. Best way to serve the dhido is with meat soup or Gundruk.  You can find Gundruk and Dhido in every traditional restaurant or Thakali kitchens as traditional Nepali food.

Price Range: Rs:250-500.


Kinema Famous Food of Nepal

Kinema is a fermented food that is prepared with soybeans. It is traditional food of Kirati peoples so it is famous within the region where Kirati people settle such as Eastern Region of Nepal. The word “KINEMA” is believed to be driven from Limbu Language “KINAMBAA”. Where “KI” means fermented “NAMBAA” means flavor. It is one of the healthiest food available in Nepal. It is similar to Japanese food “NATTO” which is also a fermented soybeans dish. Kinama can be served with rice and Dhido. It can be found in the local market and also in BhatBhateni Super Market in Nepal.

Chiura (Beaten Rice/ Flatten Rice)


The most consumed and common food in Nepal is Chiura. It originated from the Indian subcontinent(Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). In Nepal, chiura is mostly famous in Newari society and Terai regions. Rice flattened into flat, light dry flakes is a Chiura. It is served with  Newari Khaja which is very famous in Kathmandu. In Newari terms “Baji” means Chiura. It is also popular as a light snack for the kids among Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.



Sishnu “Urtica dioica” is also commonly named as the nettle leaf. It is rich in Vitamin A and C, Iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Sishnu is regarded as one of the healthiest food and traditional food in Nepal. In Nepal, Sishnu is consumed as a main dish with rice and Dhido. Sishnu can be found in the local market of Nepal and also in common nature.

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