Guras Nani

Grisma Rai aka Guras Nani Tiktok

Grisma Rai is a super talented TikTok queen of Nepal. She is well known as Guras Nani. She has just become very popular through her beautiful TikTok videos.

Guras Nani Tiktok

Guras Nani recently started making TikTok. Her facial expressions are very beautiful, unique and she rolling her eyes here and there is the most fascinating part. Her talking style is very different which all the audiences want to listen again and again. She has become very viral these days. She is been called by many shows for interviews.

Gurash Nani

In her interviews, she has revealed that she was called to play the opposite of Pradeep Khadka in Prem Geet 3. But unfortunately, she rejected the offer because of her busy schedules. Also she told the audiences that the Indian superstar Salman khan had proposed and asked her to date with him. There also, she rejected his proposal. In the interviews, she has told that Anmol KC talks with her and video chats with her in Facebook and Messenger. But Anmol KC told in interviews that he hasn’t talked or video chatted with her. Nevertheless, she is very rich in talent and she has made audiences fall in love with her.

Guras Nani Interview

Despite, being famous and viral she is also being roasted by many Nepali YouTubers. Some are making fun of her beautiful smile, some are judging her pretty face and her expressions, her TikTok videos, etc. But she hasn’t lost her hopes. She is still continuing to make TikTok video and helping others to get smile, laugh and entertainment.

Since quite a time, Guras Nani has been less active on tiktok. Because of her busy schedule, she might have been unable to appear in tiktok. But to the surprise of her audience, she appeared as a guest in Nepali Comedy Serial “Hangama, ep-34” with another famous tiktok star “Nikisha Shrestha.” The duo made the episodes more entertaining and fun.

People who loves Grishma Rai Aka Guras nani’s acting skill and make-up even made similar tiktoks following her style. Guras Nani is a source of talent and we hope that she soon follows her passion of acting and making more and more tiktok videos.