SEE results 2077

How to Check SEE Results 2077 With Grade Sheet

This year SEE result 2077 has been published today. Due to COVID-19, there was a delay in the result being published but now it is finally here.

SEE Result 2077 at Glance

Total Students – 4,82,986

Passed Students – 4,72,078 (Almost 10,000 students are not eligible for SEE)

How to check to SEE Result?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

To know the result through IVR first you need NTC (Nepal Telecommunication)’s a sim. Go to your log app Dial 1600 then follow the instructions as the operator instructed. This method only with the NTC sim and Landline Telephone.

Check SEE Results from Ncell and NTC SMS

Mobile SMS is another simple way to know the result but this method does not provide a Grade sheet. This method works on both Ncell and NTC sim. Go to your message app and type SEE and your exam symbol number like this

Method 1(SEE 12346567A) and send it to 1600.

Method 2(SEE 12346567A) and send it to 35001.

Method 3(SEE 12346567A) and send it to 35566.

Method 3(SEE 12346567A) and send it to 34949.

Method 3(SEE 12346567A) and send it to 33624.


This method is a very easy way to watch the SEE result with the Grade sheets. There are many websites from which you can watch your SEE result with Grade sheets.

  •  This is the official site of the National Education Board where you can see all the resources related to Education.
  • This is also one of the websites where you can result in SEE and TU (Tribhuvan University). It also provides many pieces of information related to education, exams, and collages.
  • This website is owned by the Kantipur Media Group where you can see the results of SEE and +2 HSEB(Higher Secondary Education Board), with grade sheet/mark sheet.

These are all the available methods to view the SEE result in 2077.

SEE Grading System

Interval in Percentage GRADE Description GPA
90-100 A+ Outstanding 3.6-4.0
80-90 A Excellent 3.2-3.6
70-80 B+ Very Good 2.8-3.2
60-70 B Good 2.4-2.8
50-60 C+ Satisfactory 2.0-2.4
40-50 C Acceptable 1.6-2.0
30-40 D+ Partially Acceptable 1.2-1.6
20-30 D Insufficient 0.8-1.2
Below 20 E Very Insufficient 0-0.8

All The Best and Best Wishes to all SEE students.