Locals Protest in Boudha Regarding Slow Road Development

Locals in Boudha protested against the slow development work being carried out in Boudha area. The popular tourist attraction area welcomes tourist from all over the world. Being such an important destination it is still a surprise why the development works have taken so long. The locals demand the roads to be blacktopped as soon as possible. Traders and locals have started an indefinite movement demanding immediate pitch for Chabahil-Boudha-Jorpati route.

They said that the movement will continue until the road is pitched. They have also asked for the action to be taken for those who are responsible and who did not get work done during the time.

The constant work of bringing water pipes and sewage pipes haven’t helped either as the roads get destroyed every now and then further prolonging the constructions. The pollution levels are also high and the roads are not even flattened. During the summer the roads are barely visible with clouds of dust flying everywhere. Rainy season brings its own problem with the roads full of potholes.

Pictures from Boudha: