A sign that reads prohibition of horn in Kathmandu valley initiated by Kathamndu Metropolitan city on the side of the road and on over head bridge at Sundhara, Kathmandu on Thursday, April 13, 2017. Ban on horn will be initiated from April 14 in Kathmandu valley. Photo: Bijay Gajmer/Republica/Nagarik

More than 34000 vehicles penalized for violating ‘no horn’ rule

More than 34000 vehicles have been penalized for not following the ‘no horn’ rule in Kathmandu valley. The initiative was started in April 2017 nearly 2 years ago. The reason being the high increase in noise pollution inside the Kathmandu valley. The rule booked more than 2000 drivers in a day after its initiation and the numbers seem to keep rising.

Although the response from the public is mixed regarding the ‘no horn’ rule. There are positives to look at. The plan was created to reduce noise pollution which can cause health problems such as hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress, memory loss, and heart attack according to doctors.

This move by the Traffic Control Department has come under scrutiny as many people suggesting it as a publicity stunt while some have welcomed the change. The fine for those violating the rule range from Rs200 to Rs1,000 as provisioned by the Motor Vehicles and Transport Act-1993.

Apart from Kathmandu, Pokhara has also enforced the new rule since July 2017. The move seems to be welcomed by the tourist city’s residents.

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