PUBG Nepal

PUBG will it be banned in Nepal ?

PUBG Nepal

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) is the most popular mobile game next to Freefire and Rules of Survival.  PUBG was launched on 9 Feb 2018 since then it has huge numbers of players. Recently The Government of India had restricted PUBG playing time to about 6 hr per day.
The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has ban banned PUBG in Nepal. At the special request of the Central Research Bureau of Police, the Authority has directed all Internet service providers to close the public game. Authorities spokesperson Meena Prasad Aryal gave information on the request of the police on Thursday to stop Internet Providers from allowing downloading and playing the public game.

PUBG mobile has brought both positive and negative impact on the Nepali Youths. Is it worth it to banned PUBG in Nepal?


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