Doctors on Call

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Doctors on Call Nepal

Doctors on Call Nepal (DOC Nepal) is one of the best healthcare service providers. DOC Nepal has come up with a fresh concept in the sector of healthcare – accessible, equitable, and affordable healthcare in the comfort of your home.

Doctors on Call

With DOC, you can stay at home and make appointments for doctor checkups, nursing care, physiotherapy, and other healthcare services. Then the required healthcare professional will come right to your door at your specified date and time.

The process of getting healthcare facilities has never been simpler. Let’s look at the top 7 reasons you should use Doctors on Call Nepal as your healthcare option.

Top Reasons To Use Doctors on Call Nepal

Affordable healthcare service in the comfort of your home

DOC Nepal has the best healthcare service available right at your doorstep. We have the best doctors who have a lot of experience and knowledge in their specialized field.

The patient doesn’t have to go from one place to another searching for treatment for their illness. When you make an appointment using DOC Nepal, we send you the best doctors and necessary health workers to your home exactly at your specified date and time.

Then all the treatment that you get at a hospital is given to you right at your home at an affordable price because DOC believes inequitable healthcare for all.

Get solutions to every healthcare problem

You can use DOC Nepal to make an appointment for any health problem. We have got expert professionals for all your health problems. So, whether it be a general checkup or be for diabetic, ortho, or post-hospitalization care DOC’s got the solution for it.

Doctors on Call
Our services include doctor consultation, nursing care, physiotherapy, lab tests, dressing, short clinical procedures (like injections, wound dressing, or catheterization), mental/ psychological therapy, nutrition, and diet consultation, and more.

Save time, energy, and stay hassle-free

When you try to take a patient to a hospital for treatment, you can face many problems. First, you have to find the right hospital, and then you have to take the patient to the hospital. After that, fill in loads of forms and formalities.

This process takes a lot of your time and energy, and it can also be risky for patients as they may not get treatment in time. Hence, you need to use Doctors on Call Nepal and get rid of these unnecessary problems.

The process to make an appointment using DOC Nepal is very simple and hassle-free. Just go to the website. Click on the “Make an Appointment” button. A form will appear on your screen. Fill in the form with accurate details and click on the “Submit” button.

Our staff member will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment. It’s that convenient. For emergency purposes, you can directly call our hotline number +977 9801345345.

Payment only after the service

When you visit any hospital, the first thing you have to do is make payments. Then only, the patient can visit a doctor for their checkups.

But, when you choose DOC Nepal as your healthcare partner, you don’t have to worry much about the payment procedures.

First of all, DOC Nepal has an affordable healthcare service, and secondly, you have to make payments only after we have provided you with the healthcare service. So you don’t have to worry about any pre-payments before the doctor’s checkup or any other healthcare service.

National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) certified lab partners

DOC also takes lab tests by coming to your home at your scheduled time and provides you with reports via email within a day or two. The professionals who come to your house to take samples are highly skilled and qualified phlebotomists.

DOC has collaborated with the country’s top National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) accredited labs. Only these NPHL certified lab partners receive your samples and deliver you accurate reports.

Lab tests are quite cheap as well, which includes blood tests, urine tests, sugar tests, cholesterol tests, vitamin tests, etc.

Rent/Buy healthcare equipment

DOC Nepal doesn’t only provide you with the best healthcare services. Along with that, DOC also rents and sells a variety of high-quality medical supplies and equipment at a low cost.

Doctors on Call

These medical supplies include:
● Hospital beds, Recliners & Air mattresses
● Suction machine
● BIPAP & CPAP equipment
● Oxygen concentrator & cylinder
● Vital sign monitor
● Blood pressure apparatus, Pulse oximeter, Nebulizer
● Orthopaedic, Bandages, Mobility Aids, Softgoods, and Healthcare products
● Manual and motorized wheelchair
● Other special equipment’s as per patient requirement

24/7 support line

Another reason to choose DOC Nepal as your healthcare option is its 24-hour patient support line. DOC commits to providing honest advice for your friends, family, and other loved ones’ health situation at any time.

Just call on the DOC’s support line/hotline number, and our staff will immediately help you with all your health-related queries, problems, or emergency with utmost caution and patience.


So these are seven of the many reasons you choose Doctors on Call Nepal for your healthcare needs. DOC Nepal has got the solution for your every healthcare need at an affordable cost. Therefore, use DOC Nepal to make appointments for your health-related issues.