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Top Newari Food in Nepal

Newari Kingdom of Nepal Mandala once ruled in Kathmandu Valley. They are known for their contributions to culture, arts and traditions, trade, agriculture, and also cuisine. Newari Cuisines is one of the famous food in Nepal and most of the people loved it. Here is some list of the Top Newari Cuisines that is most famous in Nepal.

Samay Baji:

Samay Baji Newari Food

Samay Baji commonly known as Newari Khaja set is an authentic traditional food of Newari Community. At resent years this food has been one of the main attraction of Nepal. This food has been pass down from many generations and is still loved by the peoples. It consists of many dishes in a single plate. There is Chiura (Bitten Rice) with lots of sub dishes like fried black soybeans, fried eggs, spicy potato, Chhwela(barbeque buff meat), fresh garlic and ginger, peeled and cut in half with a little salt added (Lava-Palu) and many more. It can be served with “Ayla”. Samay Baji is especially taken as a starter in every festival in Newari community. Nowadays this food can also be found in any traditional Newari Restaurants as a Newari Khaja Set.

It is definitely one of the top Newari cuisines in Nepal and most popular too.

Bhatti Restro: Bhatti Special Baji set: Rs.180

Price range: Rs.100-Rs.250


Chatamari Newari Food

ChataMari also known as the Nepali Pizza is one of the wonderful dishes of Newari traditional cuisines. It is famous among the Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, and Lalitpur. ChataMari is similar to the pizza but the test is completely different. The base of ChataMari is made with a thin layer of rice flour, the topping is grounded buff/chicken meat with other fresh spices and egg. This Dish can found in every Newari restaurant. The most famous place for ChataMari is Gopal dai Ko ChataMari where you can get buff ChatMari at Rs. 90.

Price range: Rs.90-Rs.200.


Yomari Newari Food
Yomari is one of the delicious Newari Food that you must try once. It is one of the delicacies of the Newari community. The name Yomari comes from two Newari Language words, “ya” which means “to like” and “Mari” means “delicacy”. Yomari plays an important role in the Newari community. Myth has it that Suchandra and Krita, a married couple, first experimented with fresh yield of rice from their field and new delicacy was distributed among the villagers. They all like the new food and call as a Yamari, which means ‘tasty bread’. The outer layer of Yomari is a thick layer of rice flour and inner consists of either sweet substances like “Chaku” or “Khuwa”.

Price range: Rs.50-Rs.90 (Also Depends upon places and inner fillings)


Choyla Newari Food

It is a typical Newari Food which is delicious and hot. Choila is prepaid with the meat of muttons, chickens, ducks and water buffalo. To prepare Choila first buff meat is lightly steamed, marinated with fresh spices and grilled with special mustard oil. It is a mouth watering dish which is served with Chiura (bitten rice) and also “Ayla”. It is also one of the important ingredients of Samaya Baji.

Price range: Rs.90-Rs.250.

JUJU Dhau:


JUJU Dhau is one of traditional Newari Desert. In Newari Language JUJU means “King” and Dhau means “Curd” which means king of curds. JUJU Dhau is one of the main attraction of Bhaktapur. It has ritual significants in Newari community Dhau denotes purity, and it is a compulsory item during auspicious ceremonies, local festivals, marriage rituals, religious occasions, and family gatherings. For good fortune, before traveling, Newari people also give JUJU Dhau in the pot to travelers.

Price range: Rs.70-Rs.500 (Depends upon the size of the pot)

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