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Tulsi Ghimire is the senior film editor, director, actor, lyricist, cameraman, and screenwriter of the Nepali Film Industry. Belonging to a very different background he has been through a lot of struggles for him to be who he is today. Contributing the Nepali film market with most beautiful movies, he has shown his creativity, hard-work dedication and his love and passion towards his job are what has produced best out of him. A very honest personality, Tulsi is the heartbeat of the Nepali Film Industry.

Tulsi Ghimire Biography

Tulsi Ghimire

Name Tulsi Ghimire
Birthdate July 15 1951
Birth Place Sindeybong, Kalimpong, Darjeeling District, India
Birth Sign Cancer
Parents Dhojman Ghimire(Father)
Narbada Ghimire(Mother)
Profession Director, Editor, Actor, Lyricist, Screen Writer, Cameraman
Current Residence Kathmandu, Nepal
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Debut Movie(Nepali) Bansuri
Debut Year 1981
Marital Status Married to Bharati Ghimire
Children Panchami Ghimire
Bhawana Ghimire

Early Life and Education

Tulsi Ghimire’s origin is in the very neighboring country India where he was born in Kalimpong of Darjeeling district of West Bengal state. Though be belonged to a small village of Kalimpong, his wills and aspirations were always big. Being born in the early ’50s, he has two younger brothers and a sister. His mother Narbada Ghimire belonged to the Taplejung district of Nepal.

The one statement “Be someone who is known to kings and respected by commoners”, being told by his parents left a great impression on him. That is when he developed his will to become an artist known to all. Tulsi studied at the Mani Memorial Primary School in Sindeybong up to second grade, and then from grade 3 to 11 at the Scottish University Mission Institute (SUMI), Kalimpong. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kalimpong College.

He was interested in movies from an early age. Despite being very shy and non-forwarded in nature, he still used to play roles in the street-dramas of his village because of his interest which he used to do by skipping his classes as well. He had seen television for the first time when he was studying in grade 11. His younger version used to think that film personality and settings must be a myth. His fascinating thought of the movie world being similar to a fairytale urged him to be involved in this career even more.

Tulsi Ghimire

Tulsi Ghimire Movie and Career

Tulsi started his movie career from Bombay. At the beginning phase, when he used to write letters to cheaper movie publications and in return, they used to ask money he understood that it’s not so easy to get into this are.

In 1973, he was enrolled in a college in Sikkim, where he was working for the Central Water and Power Commission. During that time, a film unit had come to town to shoot a movie, “Romeo in Sikkim”. There he got the chance to interacted with the crew and mat Laalji Yadav, the cinematographer and his friend. Expressing his aspirations to get into the film industry, he wanted to get a suggestion for what he could do.

Tulsi Ghimire

Laalji Yadav advised him to move to Bombay without any money if he wanted to be successful. Because those who went there with money had never made it. The kind crew of “Romeo in Sikkim” also let him do a small role in the movie and with the end of the shooting did not stop his career for movies but led a gateway for him.

He then went Bombay with Rs. 500 in his pocket where he stayed with Hanif Shifa and Chandra Prakash in Jogeshwari. All three of them were struggling at that period. He was suggested by Hanif to learn the techniques first before entering the film era. In the beginning days of his career, he used to work for living rather than learning. When his condition became quite stable to some extent then he went for learning the techniques and then he began as a makeup man. But he soon realized that just makeup isn’t going to let him be where he wants.

Thus leaving the make-up kit he reached the Bollywood man JiJi Patel. before reaching him, Tulsi had already worked as a body double, a light boy, camera attendant and even played small roles in several movies. He met Jiji Patel in a professional editing suite where he worked as a cleaner.

Tulsi Ghimire

Jiji, the editor of the studio being impressed by Tulsi, let him be close to film equipment. He also offered him to learn editing. He instantly agreed. After a while, he found out that editing was where his real passion was. On the occasion of Guru Purnima, Jiji, his guru, asked him to make 10 Nepali movies as his Gurudakshina. This is how Tulsi entered the Nepali Movie industry. His first directed movie was “Bansuri” which got a lot of appreciation and applauds. He has dedicated this movie to his guru because his guru had left his world before seeing him succeed.

The review that his first movie got made him inspired to make more movies and his never-ending path in the film industry continued.  He then made “Lahure”, “Kusume Rumal” which were also superhit. His more marvelous movies include “Chino”, “Balidaan”, “Dakshina”, “Darpan Chhaya” and many more. Tulsi belongs to the category of one of Nepal’s best filmmaker, who created the 80’s Nepali movie industry as a golden era. The content of his movies is based on the reality of the Nepali society and he focuses on the factor of learning in his movies that the viewers after watching his movies would learn something in an entertaining manner.


Nominations and Awards

The marvelous director has been honored and respected through many admirable awards and nominations for his remarkable contribution to the Nepali film industry.

Tulsi Ghimire

Ceremony Category Result
National Film Award 2075 Lifetime Achievement Award Awarded
Nepal Motion Picture Award(NEMPA) 2056 Contribution Award Awarded
Nepal Motion Picture Award(NEMPA) 2055 Best Editor Awarded

Relationship status

Tulsi is married to Bharati Ghimire. She has worked together with Tulsi in movies such as “Kusume Rumal”, “Dakshina”, “Rahar”, “Deuta” and others as a singer. The couple has two children Panchami Ghimire and Bhawana Ghimire who have also starred in Nepali children’s movie “Swarga ko Pari”.


More about Tulsi

Tulsi is among the finest film-maker and multitalented personality in the movie market of Nepal. He not only gave his blockbusters hits of the all times but has also brought Nepali film industry to limelight and added many milestones in the history of Nepali films.

Tulsi Ghimire

Despite having contributed almost his whole life in such a remarkable manner for Nepalese movies, he still hasn’t been able to get the citizenship of Nepal. The National Film Board is making a move for letting him the recognition of Nepali personality. Taking everything besides, Tulsi Ghimire, a senoir director, is a true gem of the Nepali movie market, who has filled the industry with the best, finest and real stories.

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