COD mobile for IOS | How to download

Previously we had two posts on How to download and play the COD mobile in Android. First Beta was released for the Indian region and then the second Beta is released for Australia region. There was no beta released for IOS users in the first beta. Activision promised to bring the next Beta version in Australia region with more exciting news and beta release for ios is one of them. COD mobile has been released for ios beta version.

cod mobile download

Call of Duty Mobile New Update Notes

• Anti-Aliasing enabled

• Enabled binding of Guest account to Facebook

• Optimized video performance

• Optimized Battle Royale map loading

• Optimized Battle Royale sound effects

• Adjusted effective rates of consumables in Battle Royale

• Adjusted the drop rates of found weapons in Battle Royale

• Fixed gyroscope bug affecting some devices

• Fixed grenade throwing while ADS

• The fixed looping helicopter sound

• Fixed an issue that affected the fall damage

• Various other fixes

Note: Call of Duty Mobile will run iphone6 and above, iPad Pro, iPad all running ios12.


How to download

If you are not from the Australian region then first you must change the region/ country in the app store to do so.

  • Go to app store’s main page then tap on Users icon which is in the top right corner of the main page.
  • Go ahead and tap on your name which will navigate to the account page.
  • In the Account page tap on your country/region option there you have to change the country to Australia. Remember the region must be Australia, not Austria.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions and you can put none on payment method.
  • For billing address, you have to put Australian address for that you can put just by Googling it or you can put these  (Street:111 Bourke St, PostCode: 3000, City: Melbourne, State: Victoria,  Phone: 614-123-45679). After doing this your App store will change into the Australian App store.
  • Tap on the search box and type Visceral Multiplayer and there top right you will see the COD mobile.

How to run

Since COD mobile is currently running the Australian region only you have to use the VPN app to run the game such as Proton VPN, UFO VPN download one of them and set the region to Australia.