Traditional cuisine

Top Nepali Restaurants Serving Traditional Cuisines in Kathmandu

If you’re travelling to Nepal or making plans to have a dinner date together along with your own circle of relatives and searching out a few true Nepali eating places in Kathmandu serving conventional cuisines. Nepali delicacies are one of the exceptional meals-desire internationally and it additionally will become crucial to flavour the true and genesis meal together with the warm temperature of hospitality.

Here are the top Top Nepali Restaurants Serving Traditional Cuisines in Kathmandu.

Bhojan Griha

Bojan Griha located in Dilli Bazar established as a residence for a royal priest more than 150 years ago. Nowadays, the impressive four-stored building of Bhojan Griha has become one of the finest restaurants serving traditional cuisine. It specializes in Newari cuisines and serves traditional Nepali food in charming surroundings. Guests can enjoy cultural shows from Nepali folk music to regional dance.
Bhojan Griha also has a bar Kama Sutra decorated with traditional erotic wood carvings.

Krishnarpan Nepali Restaurant

The Krishnarpan is the signature restaurant of the Dwarika’s Hotel located in Battisputali, Kathmandu. It offers a slow-dining Nepalese gastronomic experience and treats senses to a culinary splurge as it pays homage to Nepal’s vibrant ethnicity and its traditional food. Guests can choose from menus ranging from six to twenty-two courses that take guests on a fascinating voyage through Nepalese cuisines, communities, and regions.

Nepali Chulo

Nepali Chulo serves authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisine to the heart of the West Valley, Utah. Located in a Lazimpat, Kathmandu, one would never regret tasting Nepali traditional food here combined with its beautiful ambience.

Sasa Newari Restaurant, Kirtipur

Sasa located in Kritipur radiates a rich indigenous Newari sensibility and the ambience of the restaurant envelopes you in the richness of its traditional design. It offers typical Newari food and the place is spacious and can accommodate up to a thousand people for banquet events. To keep things earthy and authentic, everything is served on traditional serving dishes – food on brass plates and drinks in a tiny clay bowl called salicha. Sasa: takes home-brewing to a whole new level by offering kar-thwon, a flavoured and aged red-rice beer with a mellow taste, and a rather nasty kick.

Utse Restaurant

Utse restaurant was established more than three decades ago in Thamel, with the objective to introduce people to Tibetan cuisine at very reasonable rates. It ensures that guests get the taste of authentic Tibetan cuisine and showcases a wide range of Tibetan dishes and thus providing a wonderful gastronomical experience, stimulating all senses of touch, smell and sight of Tibetian cuisine.

Utsav Nepali Restaurant

A well-established and reputed restaurant located in DurbarMarg, Kathmandu, Utsav Nepali restaurant. It offers varieties of Nepali, Newari, Indian and continental cuisine with traditional music and classical dancing.