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How to play Call of Duty Mobile

call of duty apk

Call of Duty Mobile New Update Notes

• Anti-Aliasing enabled

• Enabled binding of Guest account to Facebook

• Optimized video performance

• Optimized Battle Royale map loading

• Optimized Battle Royale sound effects

• Adjusted effective rates of consumables in Battle Royale

• Adjusted the drop rates of found weapons in Battle Royale

• Fixed gyroscope bug affecting some devices

• Fixed grenade throwing while ADS

• The fixed looping helicopter sound

• Fixed an issue that affected the fall damage

• Various other fixes

Note: Call of Duty Mobile will take around 1.1 GB of data to download and after installed it will go to 2.6 GB.

call of duty mobile apk

How To Download Call of Duty Mobile Apk

Tap Tap is one of the popular 3rd party app stores, there are many versions of Tap Tap stores. To download the game file download the Tap Tap of Taiwan version.

Download File from

How to play Call of Duty mobile using VPN

Previously the method was easy but since the Activision closed the VPN method there are some more steps to do before you play the game.

UFO VPN is the only VPN where currently call of duty is working but this VPN is paid VPN. You can buy and use it to play but if you don’t want to pay for the VPN follow these steps.

Following steps need some permission and have to download the 3rd party unguaranteed app so before you go further “WE WON’T BE RESPONSIBLE IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO YOUR DEVICE, DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK”

Download the UFO VPN from this link


Download the Hack App

After Downloading both files open the UFO VPN and select the COD recommended server (COD (Australia) tap on connect which makes you watch the video.

Repeat the step for 2 or 3 times and close the VPN app. Before going to the next step be sure to close the app from background running for that

  • Go to settings and scroll to the app or app management (depends upon device).
  • Find the UFO VPN and tap to Force to close.

Now open the Hack App you will see the Hack User App option tap on it. You can see UFO VPN basic which is an un-Hackable tap on it and wait for some moments.

A pop-up dialog box will appear to do as the dialog box said delete the original app and install the new hacked app.

Now UFO VPN is shown as the Hackable tap on it and goto preference (Follow these steps very carefully)

  • Goto main_config, scroll to the reward_for_ad_total change 0 to 524998 and save it.
  • Go back to preference and tap on 
  • tap on time_active change it to 524998.

If you follow these steps carefully then you are now able to play the game. This method might be harmful so we don’t recommend to do.