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Shrawan 2021 Mehendi/Henna Designs

Henna is also known as Mehendi is a major part of ‘solah shringar’. They are adored by women when it comes to ethnic wear and occasions. And as Shravan month is marching towards “Shravan Sankranti” is also coming along with this month. In this most auspicious month of the year which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, women celebrate this whole month doing pujas and taking fast for their husband’s long age. But the most vital component of “Shravan Sankranti” is ‘Solah Shringar’ which is incomplete with Mehendi. Mehendi is said to be extremely auspicious and the women wear it to bring good luck and long life for the partner.
But this year due to COVID 19 women may not be able to go to henna designers to decorate their hands, hence we have collected some of the latest, simple mehndi designs for you.

“Happy Shravan Shankranti 2021!”



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