App You must have while traveling to Kathmandu

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App You must have while travelling to Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital city of the beautiful country Nepal. It was once named the Kantipur “City of Glory”. Kathmandu is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site among the capitals of the world. Kathmandu is the city of temples and Kathmandu is absolutely a must-visit city around the world. Amid the modern development, parts of Kathmandu still preserve the authenticity of Nepalese cultural reflection and traditional lifestyle.

However, the city might not be an easy visit if you don’t seek some guidance. Thus, if you are planning to visit Kathmandu then the following listed apps are very handy to mix up in the crowd of Kathmandu.

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Apps in Kathmandu:

Maps. Me:

App You must have while traveling to Kathmandu is one of the most trusted navigation apps worldwide. While traveling to a strange place you might need a map in such a condition this app might come helpful to you. This app is an offline map where you can download the latest map worldwide. You can set your path and route in this app like in Google Map. You can also see the detailed path and route of a map after you download the map offline. You can absolutely rely on the accuracy of

Mero Sajha:

sajha bus app

Sajha buses are one of the public buses which are run by the government of Nepal. This green-colored bus has a route from Kathmandu-Bhaktapur, Kathmandu- Lalitpur, and a subroute inside Kathmandu and up to Dhulikhel for the outside valley. You can locate the bus through mero Sajha. You can choose between two types of map layout i.e., Normal and Hybrid. Buses are listed through their plate number so you can get an exact bus while traveling. This app is a life savior if you are seeking a public vehicle experience to the route of Kathmandu.



Pathao is similar to an Uber app. You can select from two-wheel vehicles to four-wheelers. The drivers are professionals and registered ones. Thus, you can expect a good and hassle-free experience with the app. You can either pay cash or use the digital payment methods supported by the app.



Foodmandu is the first online food ordering app in Nepal. And its service is very preferable. The app functions inside the Kathmandu Valley and also in Pokhara. Foodmandu is the oldest on-demand food delivery service provider for over 8 years. It has a fair delivery time and you can have your order right in your doorstep. You can order your favorite food from hundreds of the finest restaurants that have partnered with the app.



It is South Asia’s largest hotel chain. It provides services to over 500 cities in 10 countries. There are over 4millions travelers using the OYO app. You can book any hotel or restaurant listed through this app. You can find nearby hotels, and search for hotel rooms at any time. Most hotels and restaurants are incorporated with this app so don’t have to travel through every place for a good room.

Tourist Police Nepal:

Tourist Police Nepal

As a foreign land visitor, it’s essential that you get the right help from the right authority in case you need one. Thus, Tourist Police Nepal has an app for foreigners visiting Nepal. This app allows tourists to directly report complaints against any odds, discrimination, or offense. The app also provides a lot of needed information such as do’s and don’ts, helpline numbers, nearby tourist police stations, incident alerts, etc.

Thus, these are some apps that could come in handy while you travel around the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. The services that they provide wouldn’t let you down.

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