Balen Shah

Balen Shah’s Biography: The new Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitian

Balen Shah is a Nepalese rapper, structural engineer, and new Mayor of Kathmandu City. He has taken place in the heart of many people by doing various good jobs and welfare for the people.

Balen Shah’s Biography

Balen Shah
NameBalendra Shah
Date of Birth1990/27/04
BirthplaceGairigaun, Tinkune, Kathmandu
CollegeV.S Niketan
UniversityWhite House Institute of Technology
FatherDr.Ram Narayan Shah
MotherDhurva Devi Shah
WifeSabina Kafle
ProfessionRap Singer, Social Activist, Engineer

Early Life, Family, Education

Balen Shah was born on the 27th of April 1990. He was born in the Gairigaun, Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the single child of Veteran Ayurvedic Doctor Dr. Ram Narayan Shah and Dhurva Devi Shah.

Balen Shah completed his Bachelor in Civil Engineering from the White House Institute of Technology. He had completed his Masters of Technology in Structural Engineering from VTU, Karnataka.


Rap Singer

Balen Shah

Balen Shah is a very popular ‘Hip-hop’ and freestyle singer who has been started his passion at a young age. He is a successful Rapper in the Nepali Rap Musical industry. He is the winner of the second season of Raw – Barz (A Nepali Rap Battle League). As of now, he is one of the main judges of the first “Rap reality show” in Nepal, “Nepop ko Shreepech.”

Social Activist

Balen Shah

Balen Shah does not belong to a family with a political background. He was the Independent candidate for the Mayor post of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the Local Election of 2022. He is an active youngster with the mindset of leading the nation with his intellectual abilities and strategies. He is a man with versatility and talent with a deed. Balen, who has been advancing along with rap and engineering, has been involved in political and social activities since the Indian blockade against Nepal in 2015.

On May 27, 2022, May 27: Independent candidate Balendra Shah has been elected the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) with 61,767 votes. Balen’s win against the major political parties of the country has taken the nation by surprise. However, Balen had planned his political entry since 2017. Through a Facebook post, he had announced to cast vote for himself in the upcoming election. With his win, he has started a new pathway for himself and for the nation as well. In a country where youth are seen with little to no political interest, Balen’s victory becomes a historical event in the Political stand of Nepal. People are very hopeful about his term as a mayor.

Relationship status

Balen Shah

Balen Shah is married to Sabina Kafle and they are living happily together. The pair had tied the knot in Fagun of 2074 and they haven’t reported having any children yet. With Balen’s victory, his wife Sabina showed her support to her better half via a post on social media.

She writes,

“From today, you have become our Balen from my Balen and while saying this, my heart has not shrunk to the slightest but is filled with pride, my head is raised.

Your restraint is your strength. The hard work you have done day and night has finally paid off. I salute your patience and perseverance.

I get scared sometimes as there are many hurdles ahead; I get scared when I think of the challenges and obstacles. However, I remember the trust and hope people have in you. I remember their support for you and your determination and I get reassured. Many challengers will be there and sometimes it will not be as you expect, but it is not impossible. May you have the power not to stumble anywhere in your tenure. May you never have to look back but even when you have to, may it be for expressing gratitude. May you always move forward. I will always be there with you with all my love and support and trust.

The people who have already won at their home, never lose outside. I will never let you lose. I will always pray for your success.

Congratulations to you, congratulations to me, congratulations to everyone.”

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