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The irresistible heart-throb of Nepali film lovers, Dilip Rayamajhi, is one of the most cherished names of the Nepali film industry. The all-time superstar is a fabulous actor and super-dancer. Having worked in more than a hundred movies, the actor previously was a side dancer who used to dance in chorus in movies. The magical turn-over took place with his break in his first movie “Bhanu bhakta” in 1999. Since then, the actor has never failed to show his versatility, charisma, and dedication in his work. The top actor is a successfully established hero in Kollywood who is the idol of many Nepali film lovers.

Dilip Rayamajhi Biography

Name Dilip Rayamajhi
Birthday May 6, 1976
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Birth Sign  Gemini
Height 5Ft 6inches
Occupation Actor, producer, choreographer and a dance director
Marital Status Married
Wife Manju Rayamajhi
Children Divya Rayamajhi
Debut Movie Bhanubhakta
 Years active 1999- present
  • Motion Picture Award 1999
  • Best Actor 2001
  • NEFTA TV Film 2001)
  • Best Actor (Motion Picture 2003)
  • Best Actor in Comic Role (National Film Award 2005)

Early life

Dilip Rayamajhi was born in 1976 in Kathmandu. Since his early days, he was always active in dancing. He used to dance as a side dancer in many of the Nepali movies. He had never thought of being a lead dancer and making others dance with his moves. In his early times, a lead actor had to be bulky, strong and look macho which he wasn’t. When he got a chance to show his dance in the prestigious motion picture award, he came in sight of wonderful director Tulsi Ghimire who was impressed by Dilip and wished to take him as a lead actor in his movie. When Dilip heard about this he wasn’t sure if the director really meant it. He was also noticed by another director, Yadav Kharel, with whom he made his first debut in the movie named “Bhanubhakta ” which didn’t get released in movie hall but the ones who watched the movie were really impressed by the acting of the actor and then he came into the spotlight. That’s how the filmy career of the cherished actor of the Nepali film industry began.

Dilip Rayamajhi Movie and Career

1999 was the year Dilip was first introduced to the viewers as an actor. After Bhanubhakta, Darpan Chhaya was a turn over in the movie life of Rayamajhi. The movie was super hit and this got a lot of name, fame, and recognition to the rising star. There are innumerable actors who have stepped onto the movie market since Dilip’s debut in the industry but no one has even begun to create the same kind of charm which Dilip indelibly leaves after each screen performance.

His most recognized works are from movies like “Darpan Chayya”, “Lahana”, “Superstar”, “Miss u..”,  “Zindagani”, “Muglan”,Papi Manche 2”, ”Mitini”, “Superstar”, “Bato Muni Ko Phul” and others. There was a time when he used to work in seven movies at a time. Later realizing his workload he stopped these and resided in America for quite a time. Rayamajhi first became known in the 1990s when he began his career as an emerging actor. Since then he has played in more than 150 movies in the lead role. He is one of the successful Choreographers as well. His soothing dance moves are what people have always been loving. He is also renowned for his Choreography many films.

Relationship status 

The popular actor is a married man. His wife is Manju Rayamajhi and the couple have a beautiful daughter named Divya Rayamajhi. The lovely family share a harmonious bond. During the career of the actor, he was rumored to have fallen in love with his co-stars as well. But then the actor found his loving wife Manju and decided to tie the knot with her. The actor has a prosperous family.

Nominations and awards

The most celebrated actor in Nepali Cinema Industry has successfully acted in more than a century of movies. For his acting skills, he’s always been a versatile actor and done justice to any role given to him. This beautiful capability of the actor has kept him near to many of the prestigious awards and honors. Best Actor (Motion Picture 2003); Best Actor in Comic Role (National Film Award 2005).Best debutant Actor by Motion Picture Award in 1999, Best Actor by Dabur Anmol Motion Picture in 2001, Best Actor in Negative role by NEFTA in 2001 are some of the awards and honors that he has received. Dilip Rayamajhi is one of the top actors in Nepal, winning numerous award trophies and recognition for his unbeatable performance. He believes in making things happen with his effortless charms and invincible performance skills.

More about charismatic superstar

Dilip Rayamajhi is the all-time celebrated actor of the Nepali film industry. Since his early debut until the current stage, he has always impressed all of her viewers with his outstanding acting skills, his alluring moves and his dedication towards whatever he does. Belonging to the elite group of actors, he promotes the Nepali cine-industry and culture by participating in many cultural programs & being chief jury member and sponsor for many different shows. The very versatile movie actor and a dancer has taken the Nepali movie market by storm with his skills. His humbleness and respectful behavior is what his audience, fans and even his co-stars are attracted to. The Nepali film industry is blessed to have such a beaming personality involved with it. The actor has a lot of Nepali fans living all over the world who love him full of heart. 


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