How to write Street Address in Nepal | Nepal Address Format

Writing a proper street address is crucial for various reasons, whether you’re sending mail or optimizing your website for local search. In Nepal, as in many other countries, addresses follow a specific format to ensure efficient mail delivery and location identification. In this blog article, we will guide you on how to write a street address in Nepal correctly.

Understanding Nepali Postal Codes:

Postal Codes in Nepal consist of five numbers. For example, “44601.” These codes are essential for sorting and delivering mail. Let’s break down what each digit represents:

  1. The first digit represents the region.
  2. The second and third digits represent the district.
  3. The last two digits represent the post office.

Now, let’s look at the format of a complete Nepali address.

Address Format: When writing a street address in Nepal, it’s essential to follow a specific format. Here’s an example:

Mr. Ram Prasad

2, Ram Chowk



  1. Recipient’s Name: The recipient’s name should appear on the first line. In this example, it’s “Mr. Ram Prasad”
  2. Street Address: The street address should be placed on the second line. In this case, it’s “2, Ram Chowk”
  3. City: The city, in uppercase letters, comes next. Here, it’s “KATHMANDU.”
  4. Postal Code: The postal code should be included on the last line, in this instance, “44601.”
  5. Country: Finally, mention the country, which is “NEPAL.”