see routine 2076

SEE Routine 2076 has been Published

SEE Routine 2076 has been officially published. Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Office of the controller of examination has published the examination routine of Grade 10 Secondary Education examination routine (Regular, exempted and grade increment).

As per the notice, SEE examinations would begin from 6 Chaitra, 2076. The examinations will start at 8:00 am and conclude at 11:00 am. The SEE examinations will end on 17 Chaitra, 2076.

SEE examinees will be evaluated under the letter grading system.

SEE Routine 2076 | Exam Subject Dates

S.N Date Subject
1 Chaitra 06, 2076 (Thursday) Compulsory English

Vedvidhyashram: Compulsory Sanskrit Language and Literature/Compulsory English

2 Chaitra 07, 2076 (Friday) Compulsory English

Elective English

3 Chaitra 09, 2076(Sunday) Compulsory Mathematics
4 Chaitra 10, 2076(Monday) Compulsory Science

Vedvidhyashram: Compulsory Sanskrit Grammer and Translation

5 Chaitra 11, 2076(Tuesday) Compulsory Social Studies

From Technical: Farm Management and Marketing/Engineering Drawing/Computer Repair and Maintenance, Basic Music

6 Chaitra 12,2076 (Wednesday) Compulsory Health, Population and Environment Science

Vedvidhyashram: Karmakanda/Falit Jwotish

Sanskrit: Compulsory Sanskrit Language

From Technical: Aquaculture and Fisheries/Electrical Measurement and Instrument/Computer Networks/Engineering Surveying, Music of Nepal

7 Chaitra 13, 2076 (Thursday) From Ordinary or Sanskrit: All subject from the elective first paper

Vedvidhyashram: Ved or Nitisashtra

From Technical: Optional Maths

8 Chaitra 14, 2076 (Friday) Ordinary or Sanskrit: All subject from the elective second paper

Vedvidhyashram: All subject from the elective second paper

From Technical: Vegetable and Medicinal plant Production /Dairy and Dairy Products/Utilization of Electrical Energy/ Database management System/Building Construction Music Technology

9 Chaitra 15, 2076 (Saturday) From Technical: Crop production/Small Ruminant Production and Management /Electronic device and circuit /Water resources Engineering Instrument Keyboard
10 Chaitra 16, 2076 (Sunday Industrial Entomology and Mushroom/Animal health-II/ Electrical Machine/Microprocessor/Highway Engineering/ Music Business and Program Management
11 Chaitra 17, 2076 (Monday) From Technical:  Floriculture and Nursery Management/Veterinary Laboratory Techniques/Industrial Installation and Maintenance/Object-Oriented Programming/Estimating Costing and Supervision/ Optional subject (Singing, Musical Instrument, Dance)


see routine 2076