Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

Heard your parents talk like “Typical Bhide uncle?” Their hamro jamanama talk makes them dive nostalgic. Whereas it’s a lesson to their later generation that we’re living more luxurious life than them. The facilities we enjoy today are the result of their struggles. We are responsible for not wasting their hand’s downs. Thrift stores are totally preserving these ideologies. And thrift stores in Kathmandu are equally catching up with the vibe. These stores are dedicated to reselling items from people for low costs or selling pre-owned things which people want to get rid of. Plenty of online thrift platforms has been reaching out to a number of audiences, whereas there are also certain customers who prefer visiting the store to thrift.

Thrift stores are definitely an interesting place to shop for many reasons; not only can you save money, but also get some great stuff that you might not find elsewhere. Young netizens are equally supporting the thrift businesses and this progress from the business organizer side and consumer side is worth mentioning. Around Kathmandu, what could be the finest thrift stores you could visit and have the best shopping experience? If you’ve googled this and not found many results, we’ve you sorted. These are the best thrift stores in  Kathmandu you can visit right away for the best deals.

Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

Affordable Thrift Store

Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

Pratha Basnet is the founder of Affordable Thrift store Nepal. Her collection of thrifted clothes is non-other than the general public who are willing to sell. A wide range of thrifted items is available, especially for ladies. They have recently started kids and books thrift as well. The affordable thrift store has earned lots of positive reviews from visitors and buyers. It can be just the right place to buy a budget-friendly wardrobe.

Location: Maitighar, Kathmandu
Instagram: @affordablethriftstorenepal

Sukhawati store

Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

Chij Man Gurung who had spent a decade-long stay in South Korea became aware of the thrift culture and initiated the business in his own nation. Sukhawati is a must-go-to store for thrift fans. Products here are available at a minimal price and one can even just stroll around to check the products without feeling intimidated. This thrift store, which started in 2014, has become a hub for people who want to buy second-hand items at an affordable price. Prices of clothes here start from Rs 10 and can go up to Rs 200. Sukhawati store has been helping needy people to afford necessary items at reasonable prices. Whereas there prevails a strong stigma of using old or pre-owned items of strangers, the store is making people aware of the concept of reusing and thrifting in Nepal.

Location: Near Samakhushi Town-planning
Instagram: @sukhawati_store

Deal and Steal

Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

Deal and Steal is another thrift store in the Samakhushi area. Here, one can pick up thrift items at a very reasonable price. Products range from clothes, shoes and bags at deals and steal for ladies. The products available here are secondhand, vintage or handpicked gems and usually in the best condition. Thus, one can basically own like-new products at the minimum costs at the deal and steal thrift store.

Location: Near Aatmagyan, Samakhushi
Instagram: @deal_n_steal_thrift_store_

Mom’s Store Nepal

Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

Mom’s Store Nepal is a Kids oriented thrift platform. Here, one can donate or sell and buy their babies pre-loved items at a reasonable price. Mom’s Store Nepal (MSN), is a voluntary initiative by Sita Magar, a mother of two children and her friends toward facilitating the sale of used or spare clothes, toys or accessories of the children. The team collects the donated children’s items, processes (washes and packs) and sells them at a minimal price. They refer to these thrift items as ‘pre-loved items’ rather than used or second-hand items. They are also involved in promoting the small business of handmade products.

MSN’s initiative toward kids-oriented thrift stores creates an awareness that thrifting can be taught since childhood. They used to sell these products physically at the Saturday market at Labim Mall before the second wave of the pandemic. However, they’ve recently applied the alternative of buying and selling through social medias and their newely launched app.

Mom’s Store Nepal Momta App
Facebook: Mom’s Store Nepal


Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

U CAFE at Bakhundole (Patan) used to organize garage sales every month or so. And there, products from backpacks, hiking boots to books, clothes, household objects, toys, electronics, cocktail dresses, everything was available. No wonder one could hand in products in good condition. And the price was never a headache.  However the cafe there is closed now and they’re open as hotel Kaze Darbar in Kamalpokhari, Naxal. They might re-open the garage deal in future after the covid crisis is over. Thus, keep an eye on their Facebook page to hand in the best thrifting products in case they re-organize the garage deal.

Location: Kamalpokhari, Naxal
Facebook: Cafe & Restaurant U

Healthy Tips for Thrifting

Best Thrift Stores in Kathmandu

  1. Be a regular thus, when something amazing drops, you’ll be just in time to own it.
  2. Making a list before shopping makes browsing thrift shops fun and organized and you don’t end up buying extra. Treating yourself to something pretty is nice, but it can also be dangerous (for your wallet and the space and order at home)
  3. Give and Take. While sorting out your stuff at home, donating the items you don’t need anymore to the thrift stores is relieving – and it’s a good deed.
  4. Take home photos instead of objects. Every once in a while, try photographing a gem and just enjoying the fact that such pretty things exist because do you really need that cute dress home while one already exists in your wardrobe.

The 21st century brought so much into people’s life but not in every people’s life. Thus, the idea of a thrift store feels like a boon in this era. Thrift stores buy used items from people for a small price and then sell them again at somewhat higher prices. Also, they sell pre-owned things which people want to get rid of. That sounds a lot healthier than racking up your home with unneeded items or bringing home the essentials for a justified amount. What’s your favourite go-to thrift store in Kathmandu?