Best Nepali YouTube Channels

Best Nepali YouTube Channels you should Subscribe to

There’s no doubt that YouTube is one of the most entertaining websites on the internet. With its endless number of videos, there’s something for everyone. So many talented people out there use YouTube as their creative outlet. Similar is the case for some Nepali content on YouTube. These Nepali YouTube channels have proved worthy of their existence. While there’s a whole host of Nepali content on YouTube still waiting to be discovered, for the time being, here’s a list of the 5 best Nepali YouTube channels that you should be subscribing to. These channels are full of engaging, informative, and intriguing videos that will keep you inspired and entertained for hours on end.

Best Nepali YouTube Channels with great contents

Herne Katha

“Herne Katha”: YouTube is a Nepali web series that shows stories of ordinary people in the format of short documentaries. The channel released its first episode in March 2018 first. And since then it has gathered positive feedback from viewers all over Nepal as well as abroad with its interesting topic: “Herne Katha हेर्ने कथा: Untold Stories of Ordinary People” has a very simple concept; “Herne” as something you watch, and “Katha” as stories. The program revolves around giving visual life to the lives around Nepal. Popular Nepali Journalist, Bidhya Chapagain, has been giving voice to the stories.

The series was even awarded Best Documentary Short and Best Non-fiction at the 2019 Independent Short Awards and 2018 Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival respectively, for ‘The Man Who Died’ one of the episodes of Herne Katha. The channel currently owns just 73 episodes of Herne Kathas however with 663K subscribers which proves how popular this video streaming service truly is!

Paradygm TV

The most popular Nepali YouTube channel, Paradygm TV focuses on producing high-quality content for their audience. Founded in August 2017, the channel has already accumulated 422K subscribers and continues to grow rapidly. The channal is showcasing new ideas and that’s definately winning the heart of young Nepali audiences. Their content is something that after watching one would be refreshed and feel just good for having watched it. Sisan Baniya, is one among the creative head behind the successful channel.

The channel’s popular shows like “Guess The Song”, “Guess the Food”, “Try Not To Laugh” and much more have hoarded millions of views. And honestly, Paradygm TV presents the simplest ideas in such a fine manner that one indeed enjoys those contents. The channel has the vision to collaborate with almost all YouTubers from Nepal and grow as a bigger team, boosting the condition of YouTube of Nepal.

“On Air” with Sanjay Silwal Gupta

Inflame your passions and explore the world with Sanjay Silwal Gupta as he discusses diverse topics in a basic yet entertaining way! He’ll share his insights on obscure history, geography, or anything else you can think of. Sanjay is a bilingual Indian-American podcast host and producer for his on-air conversations with prominent figures who share unfiltered insights into various aspects of life. The podcast offers an organic infotainment value with a friendly tone of voice that is engaging to listeners. Streaming 3 episodes per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they are 1 hour long each. This could be a channel you’d love streaming while you’re traveling or just doing chores.


What makes Yummy Nepali Kitchen stand out from all the other food channels out there is its authentic Nepali dishes content. Yummy Nepali Kitchen has the most up-to-date and fresh videos of food that can be found in Nepal. Started in 2016, Mrishtina Maharjan owns the channel. She’s a food enthusiast and has gained 184K subscribers through her food recipes. The channel covers traditional Newari food recipes such as choila, yomari, chatamari, to the popular Nepali snacks including “Selroti” and a lot more.

At times there are also ‘western food’ recipes.  All of the videos are in Nepali and for people who find it hard to follow a video recipe, there is an English translation below the video too. So if you’re into cooking, discover some mind-blowing recipes of popular Nepali foods at Yummy Nepali Kitchen.

Ananda Nepal

Ananda Nepal is the first video blogger in Nepal, joining the Youtube Platform in 2009. And by today, the channel has reached the milestone of 704K subscribers. The channel’s initial contents used to be news reports of the Nepali film industry by compiling a slideshow. And the channel has maintained the status quo until and yet. The channel is dedicated to sharing content about Nepal and Nepali trending/popular topics. The content is well-researched and even a complex history is presented in general terms that even laymen could understand. Anand Nepal doesn’t present sponsored content and all the videos over the channel are organic.

You wouldn’t find any non-Nepali stuff over the channel. Thus, if you’re into digging some admirable information about Nepal, Anand Nepal is your guy.


BT Kancha

It’s a lot easier to watch a review than a complete movie. And BT Kancha is one such YouTube channel by Biswas Timshina, where you can find out the funniest reviews to Nepali movies that you’ve heard names of and haven’t too. And by reviews, humor, humor, and humor counts. BT Kancha is a different space other than those lousy, loud, and forcefully funny reviews. Not just movie reviews, but Bt is engaged in releasing parody music videos of his own too which are commendable, including the viral song Kanchi Hey Kanchi 2.0. Once you’re into BT’s channel, you might not be able to not watch his more and more videos. Have a try!!

Galaxy 4K

Galaxy 4K by Rabi Lamichhane is the first 4K channel in the history of Nepal. And the YouTube channel of Galaxy 4K also covers almost all the contents displayed over the channel. The channel intends to deliver clear, in-depth, and dependable information on issues of public concern in a timely fashion along with a multitude of quality entertaining content. Galaxy 4K started its regular transmission in Nepal on October 1, 2021. The channel has plenty of programs that entertain and empowers the global Nepali audiences. It’s a good YouTube channel to illuminate yourself with the social, political to cultural sectors of Nepal.

And that makes a list of some contentful and best Nepali YouTube Channels. Which among them are you willing to subscribe to? Share your favourite youtube channel in the comments.