Rewind 2078

2078 Rewind: The most of what happened?

Yet another year is ready to rock while 2078 feels like it had arrived just yesterday.  In a nutshell, 2078 was a complete roller coaster. Full of highs-lows controversies and protests, below are some of the major highlights of the year 2078.

Most of what happened in 2078

Begins with a Second Lockdown

Well, right after 2 weeks into the new year, beginning Baisakh 16, we all faced Lockdown 2.0. The COVID wave and discovery of new varients made it necessary to halt the physical state. However, this time the closure didn’t affect as much as a  lot had been learned from the first lockdown. It was a leisurely starting year and we all saved a lot of energy to shower for the rest of the year.

Blind Date

The first-ever blind date show in Nepal made some loud noise over the internet. A whole variety of characters gave the viewers some lessons on the dos and don’ts of dating. From C-lu didi’s raps to her catfight with Narwada, the ever-romantic Devendra to evergold Goldie, the blind show gave the memers quality and quantity of contents. About the fun part, were you also among the loyal audience of the blind show, waiting for every next episode? The show ended with C-lu and Goldie winning the title of Queen and King of Blind show and later marrying in real life. The show is in talks for its second season.

Blind date

Rise in Fares

From around the beginning of Baisakh, the travel fare had risen. From 10-15, 15-18, 20-23, and like, did you also receive chocolate for not having the change? What a sweet start to the day. Later people gave in and the conductor would say, “Kailey tapailai marka parcha kailey hamilai.” Well, 2079 is going to be no different. Now prices have been decided for Rs. 20 once you step into the vehicle.

Santosh Shah and Masterchef

Each year Nepali people around the world are reviving the golden name of their nation. And this year Santosh Shah portrayed a completely new image of Nepali cuisine on the global platform. He became the runner-up in the Master Chef UK – The Professional 2020, and later won the title of MasterChef: The Professional Rematch. As explained, all his dishes contained the Nepali ethnic taste or background.

Santosh Shah MasterChef UK

Buddha Air Landing Issue

On Ashoj 11th, Sept 27, a flight of Buddha Air flight was diverted from Biratnagar to Kathmandu reporting a landing gear issue. The aircraft 9N-ANI with 73 passengers on board had to circle the capital skies for some time to reduce fuel use for safe landing requirements. The passengers were terrified and the pilot of the ship Captain Angelu Sherpa was thanked and praised for his timely decision for the passengers’ safety. However, heading into the investigation,  it was found later that the captain was responsible for the incident for not doing a proper checklist. The pilot and the crew had been suspended for a few months and the flight was back in operation.

Melamchi came and then returned and came again

The long heard and long-awaited Melamchi drinking water finally arrived in Kathmandu Valley last year. However, the project was still under construction and because of floods during the monsoon season, the water supply had been on halt again. It came but never really came. Thus, before the year ended, the project had once again been inaugurated, a day before the year 2078 ended. Let’s hope it erases the two-decades-long thirst.

Melamchi drinking water

Junkiri Tiktok

This year’s TikTok persona must be everybody’s favorite Junkiri. Junkiri has been on TikTok for a while now and shares different aspects of her life. Tons of her fans admire her fun-loving personality. #Junkiri has been a sensation on TikTok right now. Junkiri is already a TikTok phenomenon and has garnered many tributes on the platform. Ranging from entertaining to strange videos, Junkiri already has a huge fandom. Are you also a part of it?

@mrbrosofficials Junkiri seent ? #junkiri_gang @aaditamang1 @mr.nixchal.mgr @_b.a.k.a_01 @mr.nishanido077 @dipesh_lama90 @syangtan46 ♬ original sound – MrBros Officials

Nepali Crime Shows

Remember watching some police investigation show on Nepal TV back in the early 2000s. Honestly, it was a cool show for an audience like me. When Galaxy 4K Tv announced that it was bringing back the crime-investigation show, Crime Patrol Nepal, it got me excited.  Soon, Kantipur TV also brought the Crime files. While watching these shows, one might be able to predict what is going to happen next. However, you can really not miss the effort put into the show by the characters. So, in 2078, the Nepali Media field has made some effort with crime shows for Nepali audiences.

Crime Patrol Nepal

Nepali Podcasts

The year 2078, introduced a new content idea to the Nepali content creators. Podcasts had always been there but in the year 2078, they got more popular over the internet. Creators such as Sanjay Sanjay Silwal Gupta, Paradym TV, Sushant Pradhan, The Doers Nepal, and Chill Pill are some of the popular podcast channels on YouTube right now.


The year 2078 had a lot of Crypto buzz. From craze to investing in crypto to the Nepal Government banning crypto trading, all of it occurred in 2078. Also, not to miss, actress Priyanka Karki also got investigated when her picture was found in promotional material for a cryptocurrency scheme, on Facebook.

Priyanka Karki

MCC Passed

The Biggest in 2078 was the MCC bill by parliament. A lot had been going on about the MCC agreement over the last few years in Nepal. A lot of heated discussions, a lot of support, and a lot more disagreements couldn’t halt the bill’s passing any longer. People objected and a huge mob of disagreers protested against it. However, the year 2078 brought MCC and now we’re left to see how it shall be implemented.

Paul Shah Case

The year 2078 wasn’t that giant for the celeb industry, especially for actor and model Paul Shah. He got entangled in a rape case of a minor singer Samikshya Adhikari. After police procedure, he had been detained for raping the victim in Tanahun.  14 years of Jail verdict was proposed for his malicious act, however, recently the minor has changed her statement in court that the actor hasn’t done anything wrong to her. The case shall be the highlight of the year 2079 too.

Paul Shah

On-Duty Police Officer’s Death

Sexual harassment cases by teachers are no new news even in the year 2078. A case of sexual harassment by the teacher to her student on the occasion of Holi was reported in Letang, Morang. Following the victim’s complaint, constable Urmila Shrestha and her teammates were present at the school premises to arrest the accused teacher. The agitated mob outside the school tried to stop the police from taking the accused to the police station. The mob wanted the school to hand over the teacher to them. Shrestha was killed during the clash that soon erupted between the mob and the police officials who were trying to control the situation. It was definitely an unfortunate situation that occurred to the whole of the defense system who make a helping hand in executing justice.

Rishi Dhamala Live Case

Popular media personality and Journalist Rishi Dhamal appeared in yet another controversy in the year 2078 as well. His way of journalism is indeed unique and different, however this time his barged-in reporting questions the ethics and standard of journalism. In the name of the live telecast, Dhamala breached the aircraft protocol. He, despite the flight attendants’ request, didn’t care about the request and attempted to enter the business class of the Nepal Airlines aircraft. He was trying to interview Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, who had just returned after completing his 3 days visit to India. His action has been unacceptable and he had to hand in a written apology for this action to the authorities.

Those were some of the activities that came in limelight in 2078. To mention in short, other highlights are:


  • Nirmal Purja‘s Netflix documentary: 14 peaks,
  • The entire movie Pushpa and its popular dialogue “Main Jhukega Nahi”,
  • Other South movies: RRR,
  • South Korean Survival series Squid Game, All of us are Dead,
  • Swastima Khadka got featured in South Movie,
  • Alex Nepali and his song “Makai Khane Ho”,
  • Tiktok making people and places Viral,
  • Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock on-live during the Oscars,
  • A Mero Hajur 4 vs KGF 2

Is there anything we missed? Add them in the comments.