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Sushant Pradhan is a well-known person in the fitness scene of Nepal. He works at his own gym, The Physique Workshop, as a trainer and puts in his work to help people on their transformation journey. Besides that, he is a fitness writer, fitness vlogger, and also fitness public speaker. He is also a YouTuber. His youtube channel name is Sushant Pradhan. He mainly focuses on gym and fitness because he is also a famous bodybuilder of Nepal

Biography of Sushant Pradhan

Sushant Pradhan

Early Life & Education

Sushant Pradhan

Sushant Pradhan was born on 29th June. He spent most of his childhood in Kathmandu. He completed a bachelor’s degree in information management from Prime College. Sushant Pradhan was a frail kid. With a 5’9” frame housing
 47kgs of a skeleton, lean meat, and skin, Sushant was far from an epitome of fitness during his high school days.


Sushant Pradhan

The Physique Workshop is a dream concept of popular YouTube Fitness Coach Sushant Pradhan. Sushant started workouts because he was too skinny and he wanted to become normal. He not only achieved his goal but in the process, started a popular fitness company by the name of the Physique Workshop. This gym is one of the best gyms in Kathmandu. Apart from working at his own gym, he has his own YouTube page where he regularly posts fitness blogs and does a pretty decent job of it.

His Vlogging was part of an effort to reach out to a larger crowd. Then he started to record himself during his training sessions and uploaded it on his YouTube channel. After that he started to get a lot of positive responses from a large crowd, that was what he wanted. Still, he continues his vlogging and uploads to his youtube channel. His main goal is to bring change in the fitness industry as well as men’s health. He is focusing more on men’s style in his youtube channel nowadays but still posts fitness youtube videos.

He is also the Brand Ambassador of Diet Nepal. It is a reputed brand which is one of the few that is an authorized distributor of good quality supplements. He was honored to be part of it.

Sushant Pradhan’s 5 tips to motivate beginner at the gym

  • Find a gym that is located near to where you stay. It’s just easier that way.
  • Have a plan of what you need to achieve and go from there
  • Track the entire fitness routines from day one, like what you drank, ate, or the time of the routine.
  • Get good work out gear because that affects a lot of what you do.
  • Don’t go overboard. you always feel like you can do more but there
is a limit and if you cross it, in the beginning, you’re going to be in a lot of pain for days.

Sushant Pradhan’s Relationship

He is in a relationship with Malina Joshi. They two seem to be happy together. They have been posting romantic pictures over social medias and she is also seen in his YouTube videos a lot. They even went on a vacation in China together.

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Sushant is an absolute inspiration to those who dream of achieving something important to them. Workout hard, focus on what’s best to you and just move for it with all handwork and dedication.

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