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Paul Shah Biography, Age, Height, Birthplace, Career, Education

Paul Shah is a Nepali actor and model. He is a talented, hard-working and determined person. Paul is one of the good-looking actors with a beautiful personality in the Nepalese film industry. One of the great artists, Paul is able to achieve such a beautiful place in the Nepalese Film industry because of his great dedication and hard work.

Biography of Paul Shah

Paul Shah


Early Life and Education

Paul Shah was born on 15 September 1989 in Dang, Nepal. He spent all his childhood in his birthplace. Paul Shah belongs to a middle-class family.  His father is active in local politics while his mother is a retail shopkeeper. He is the eldest child of his parents. He has one younger sister. Her name is Roshani Rajya Laxmi Shah. He completed his schooling from his hometown from Ganga Higher Secondary School. Then for his further studies and in search of opportunities, he moved to the capital city Kathmandu. He completed his studies up to 12th grade.

Career & Income

Paul started his modeling career with the music video “Timro Yad Ma Runchhu Achel”. He rose to fame after music videos “Ko Hola Tyo” and “Honey  Bunny” with Prakriti Shrestha. He was featured in over 200 music videos before entering the Nepalese film industry. While working on Television and music videos, he started to build a good relationship with some great movie artists, directors, and producers of the music videos. Then, Paul got his filmy breakthrough “Nai Nabhannu La 4”. Which was a huge commercial success and made him an overnight star among masses. For his role in this movie, he won the best debut actor award in D-Cine Award 2016. Talking about Paul Shah’s earning, he normally charges between 10 to 20 lakh per movie. Besides that, he also generates income from out sponsorship commercial ads campaigns of different brands and products.

Paul Shah Filmography

Music Video of Paul Shah

      • Purnimako Chandrama Lai
      • I Love You
      • Honey Bunny
      • Ko Hola Tyo
      • Punarjanma
      • Fida
      • Timi Bina
      • I Wanna Live Again
      • Yo Saans
      • Zindagi Ko yatra
      • Doori
      • I Love You Too
      • Mero Yo Choko Maya
      • Baleni Maya
      • Jata Jata Pirati Ko Bato
      • Deurali  2
      • Oe Syani
      • Ko Hola Tyo 3
      • Yahira Hola Maya Bhaneko
      • Timro Maya Pauna
      • Jhuma Jhuma
      • A Hai Maya
      • Mayalu Timi 2
      • Maya Garaula

Paul Shah Film and Movie List

    • Nai Nabhannu La 4
    • Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu
    • Johnny Gentlemen
    • Satru Gate
    • Bir Bikram 2

Paul Shah Awards

  • Best Model Of The Year(Pop & Modern Music Category ) With Prakriti Shrestha 2014
  • 8th D-cine Awards 2016 – Won, Best New actor, Nai Nabhannu La 4
  • NFDC award 2072 & 2074(2016/2017) – Nominated  for Best New Actor for Nai Navannu la 4 and Ma Yesto Geet Gauxu
  • Surya Film Award 2018 – won, Best actor, movie – Ma Yesto Geet Gauxu


There are many relationship rumors of Paul Shah with Anchal Sharma. He shared the screen for the movie Nai Nabhannu la and Johnny Gentlemen with Achal Sharma where there onscreen were loved by many people. And there was a rumor of being in a relationship with Achal Sharma. There was also the rumor of getting married to her but it was a lie. As of their interviews, they are only best friends.

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