Silly Things we all heard in our Childhood

Silly Things We All Heard in Our Childhood

Let’s suppose you have a wish that can come true. And the only option you have is, you get to become a child again. You get to relive the years. Would you choose to do so?

If there starts a topic about childhood in the room, you’ll surely have lots of funny incidents to share about. And also, we’ll remember that we all heard tons of little lies. And kids actually believe them. As they grow up, they realize. “Like seriously? I really thought that if I ate fruit seeds, there would be branches growing out of my nose and ears.” We can only laugh at those stupidities. It’s hilarious yet cute. In this article, let’s take a tour to our childhood days. Here are the silly things we all heard in our childhood. And believed them to be true. Like Real.

Silly Things We All Heard in Our Childhood

1. The people on TV live inside TV.

Kid watching tv

2. Cracking Your Knuckles Will Give You Arthritis.

Cracking knuckles

3. You get a wish with every fallen eyelash.

falling eyelash and wish

4. Share your wish and it won’t come true.

keeping secret

5. UnderTaker takes away underwears.


6. Bumped your head with someone once? If you don’t do it twice, you’ll grow a horn. Make it even.

human horns

7. If you don’t blow on your hands after touching your neck, own or anyones’ you’ll have a fat neck.

kid touching neck

8. In exams, you’ll be given egg and jam as a snack.

egg jam

9. Always use your Right hand while handing out something.

using right hand

10. Don’t pass chilly directly on hands. You’ll fight.

holding chilli

11. Sitting too Close to the TV Destroys Your Vision.

kid watching TV

12. The moon follows you.


13. You won’t learn to ride a bicycle if you don’t fall once.

Kid falling from bicycle

14. If you sallow Chewinggum, they’ll stick to your intestine forever.

chewing gum

15. If a cat crosses the road in front of you then it’s bad luck.

cat crossing road

16. If you want to invite ghosts, Play “jhalak dikh laja” at night.


17. Or you could try whistling at night. A melodious invitation to ghosts.

kid whisteling

18. If you get good grades or straight A’s, you’ll succeed in life.

A grade

And that’s all I remember. What silly lies did you believe as a kid? Share through the comments.

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1 thought on “Silly Things We All Heard in Our Childhood

  1. That’s everything i heard of :):):):):)
    and exactly that egg and jam is what i had said to my brother when he was in U.K.G.
    After listening of it, my innocent brother was ready with to go along to give EXAM.

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