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Sisan Baniya is a managing director and a CEO at Paradygm TV. He is a very popular and talented Nepali youtube vlogger too. Besides that, he is a photographer, videographer and skilled professional filmmaker. He has made space in heart of many people with his works and owns numerous Nepali fans.

Sisan Baniya Biography

Sisan Baniya age


Early Life and Education

Sisan Baniya height

Sisan Baniya was born on 29th June 1989 in Jhapa, Nepal. Sisan remains at 5 feet 8 inches. His father’s name is Shyam Raja Baniya and his mother’s name is Sushila Baniya. His parents mean everything to him.

He completed his schooling from Gyanodaya Bal Batika Higher Secondary School and intermediate high school education (+2) from Himalayan White House Int’l College. After that, he has completed a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Apex College. He started from days when the modeling industry was not even professional yet.

Career & Income

Sisan Baniya birthday

He uploaded his first YouTube video 8 years ago and started vlogging in 2015. Sisan Baniya was primarily inspired and influenced by Sushant Pradhan, a fitness trainer to come into the Vlogging field. Before that, he used to do photography for models and wedding events. He shares and gives credit to Sushant Pradhan for introducing him into the Vlogging field. He is good at making a story before making any videos. That makes him different among hundreds of Youtube creators. Also, he is a photographer, videographer and skilled professional filmmaker. He had already worked in many movies like Annagat, Aadha love, etc.

Talking about Sisan Baniya’s earnings, his minimum monthly income is about 30 to 6o thousand per month. He also generates extra revenue more than that from sponsorship commercial ads of various brands, person, and products.

Sisan Baniya Girlfriend

Sisan Baniya and shrinkhala khatiwada

After Shrinkhaka Khatiwada had posted a romantic photo taken in Istanbul Turkey, with Sisan Baniya in her Instagram story, many people thought that the two were dating. However, no official authentic announcements from both Sisan and Shrinkhala were made until Valentines Day of 2020. On the day, the cute couple officially announced that two were in love with each other. Shrinkhala, girlfriend of Sisan is Miss Nepal World 2018.

sisan baniya gf

Sisan Baniya 5 Facts

  • He sees himself as a Day Dreamer who is very hungry regarding his vision.
  • Mr. Sushant Pradhan inspired Sisan to start vlogging.
  • Sisan’s second video “The Little Things” made him a sensation overnight
  • Whenever he is free, he enjoys eating, as he’s a foodie.
  • He always wanted to do Rock Climbing.

Sisan Baniya Youtube

Sisan Baniya Podcast

Sisan Baniya’s Paradygm team have recently opened a new YouTube Channal in 2021. It’s named Paradygm Podcasts. The podcast is just a platform of raw conversations with many popular faces of Nepal. The talks are not specific to a certain topic but as you listen to the conversations, you’ll realize what not did they talk about. You might even be enlightened with lots of facts throughout the paradygm podcasts.

sisan Baniya Podcast

They have 15 videos so far and the channel already has over 65 K subscribers. As Nepali podcasts are gaining more and more popularity recently in Nepal, Paradygm Podcasts is one of the finest podcasts you shouldn’t miss out on.

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