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Sonica Rokaya is a beautiful Nepali model, YouTuber, VJ, and Journalist who works for Mero Sathi TV currently. She rose to fame from the “Wow Nepal”  youtube channel as a reporter. She got controversies because of her bold content topic on the youtube channel. But due to some misunderstanding, she had to leave that job and she started her own youtube channel named “The Sonica Show‘. She has thousands of fans and subscribers. She has now established herself as a popular journalist who is confident and strong.

Sonika Rokaya Biography

Sonica Rokaya


Early Life, Education, Family

Sonica Rokaya was born on February 16, 1995, in the far western region, Bajhang District of Nepal. She was raised with full of love and care. In her family members, there are altogether four members they are her mother, father, and her little sister and her herself. Her mother is her main source of inspiration, she has always given her motivation to face difficulties. She completed her primary school education at her home town Bajhang District of Nepal. After that, she moved to Kathmandu For further education and opportunity she moved to Kathmandu and successfully completed her higher secondary school education. Currently, she is doing a bachelor’s education privately.

Career and Income

Sonika Rokaya is a beautiful and bold Nepalese model who entered the world of entertainment as an astonishing model. But she couldn’t be famous in modeling career so she went for journalism where went very viral. She started her career as a reporter on the Wow Nepal youtube channel. But due to some misunderstanding, she had to leave that job. Although she had to leave her job, she didn’t give up and soon she started her own youtube channel named “The Sonica Show‘. Her show got very popular, the public loved her ideas and videos and daring interview questions.

As her Youtube Channel got many subscribers, she got many opportunities to work on popular channels as a reporter. As of now, it has thousands of viewers and subscribers. Her interviews are filled with Touches of humor and some unusual and unwanted topics. Sometimes she covers the stories regarding love, affairs, and relationships too. Sometimes she goes a bit further and asks double meaning questions. Along with YouTube videos and hosting,  she is also doing modeling. And even she has a dream to become an actress in the near future. She has also featured in some music videos. 

Sonica Rokaya normally earns about 20 to 30 thousand per month. Apart from entertainment, she is a businesswoman too. She is the owner of “Liquid Lounge And Bara’s restaurant”. As of 2019, her total net worth is estimated to be roughly around 20 to 30 lakhs.

Boyfriend and Relationship

As of 2020 January, she is unmarried and has no husband and children yet. She is living a single life. She has no boyfriend. However, she had been in a relationship with many boyfriends before.

Sonica Rokaya and Paras Shah

Former crown prince Paras Shah and Youtuber Sonica Royaka spotted in Pokhara and a video went viral on Nepal social media. The video clip of around 30 seconds was uploaded from the Tiktok Account named @Suumaan8. You can see Sonica riding behind Paras on his motorbike. Sonika has also uploaded several videos in which Paras Shah can be seen in the background. Earlier this month Sonica had uploaded some TikTok videos with Paras in the background in a night club.  There are lots of gossips going on social media about these two personalities. However, there is no authentic news source about the relationship between Paras and Sonica.

Some Facts about Sonica

  • During Sonica birth, her dad gave a party to friends and relatives
  • Sonica Rokaya lost her virginity during the 10th class.
  • Sonika was dragged into a controversy because of her vulgar Youtube show.
  • She used to be very frustrated due to Negative comments.

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