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Top 10 Best Most Talented Nepali Rappers

Rap culture was introduced in Nepal through the electronic DJs mixing the classical Nepalese songs with the Western urban style. Nep-hop is the Nepali form of hip hop. Nepal has many such world-class rappers who are already popular in international RAP and HIP-HOP communities with the NEPALESE SWAG and taste. Here is a list of the top Nepali Rappers who have made a huge contribution to Nep-hop.

Top 10 Nepali Rappers who have been contributing to Nep-Hop.

Yama Buddha

Yama Buddha was one of the legendary Nepali Rapper who was born in Morang, Nepal. Yama Buddha’s real name is Anil Adhikari. He Is the king of Nep-hop. No one is here to compare with Yama Buddha. He is best for the lyrics and words presented in his songs. He brought the Nep-Hop to the next level. He is considered as inspiration for all modern Rappers.he was the creator and presenter of the popular rap battle show RAW BARZ. He is no more. He was found dead in the bathroom of his home in the UK in 2017.


Laure was born on June 25, 1989, in the beautiful city of Nepal, POKHARA. His real name is Ashish Rana. He is a rapper, actor and also a judge of HIMALAYA ROADIES. Laure debut in the movie was with Tandav where he was given a lead role. He became popular through RAW BARZ. “Laure vs Uniq poet” was one of the most famous rap battles in RAW BARZ. Yama Buddha brought him to Raw Barz from where his fame was very high. He is one of the best rappers in Nepal. He released many hit songs.

Uniq Poet

Uniq poet was born in Bhaktapur. He started his rapping from his school days. But he gained fame from the first season of RAW BARZ.’ Uniq poet vs Laure’ was one of the most famous rap battles in RAW BARZ. He was really consistent in battles and the lines of his lyrics really well. He is also one of the most famous Rappers of the Nephop industry in Nepal. He released many hit songs. He is one of the dopest nepali rapper out there and is still coming up with new hits.


VTEN was born on May 5, 1996, in the Rautahat District of Nepal. His real name is Samir Ghising. VTEN is a famous Nepali Nephop rapper and songwriter. He started his musical career at the age of 15. VTEN started his career with the song “Churot” that gave him a big name in the Nep-hop industry. His rap songs were mind-blowing. He was inspired by Yama Buddha, AKON and Eminem.

Girish Khatiwada

He was born on August 30, 1979, in Biratnagar, Nepal with an extraordinary talent. He is considered one of the oldest rappers of Nepal who introduced Nepali HIP-HOP aka. NEPHOP to NEPAL in 1993 at the early age of 15 through his song MEANINGLESS RAP in his compilation album TALENT-3. Legendary Rapper of Nepal History.


MC Flo was born on the 24th of October 1990, in Chabahil, Kathmandu. His real name is Anurag Sharma. His lyrics have huge depth and are very inspirational to youths. His rhymes are good. He dissed the Nepali rapper who had dress-up like Koreans.


GXSOUL is a Nepalese hip hop group founded in 2006. “GXSOUL” stands for “Gorkhali Extreme Soul”.The group’s founder members are known as Viber BI / Bibaz Jung Giri and Nimasang. GXSOUL’s most successful songs include “Raat Vari”, “Satayera”, “Mitho Sapana” and “Yo Timlay Garda Ho”.These were the most viewed Nepali hip-hop videos on YouTube.


‘NASTY’ his real name is Abhishek Baniya. His album ‘Khatra so Khatra’ gave him limelight in the NEPHOP community. Inspired by EMINEM, he started writing his own verses from school days and finally in he was highlighted through RAW BARZ.


Manas Ghale is an active Nep-Hop artist. He emerged on the Nep-Hop scene with his group – Nepsydaz with their debut album – KTM reality. His solo album titled ‘Sukeko Jiuma Loorey Ko Bal‘. His single official Music Videos which are “Yatri” and “Sanana”. He is one of the Legendary Rapper of Nepal History.


Yodda is a rapper of Nepalese hip-hop based in the United Kingdom. His real full name is “Shanam Gurung“. He was born on January 17, 1996, in Kathmandu, Nepal. His song ‘Malai Baal’ gave him limelight in the NEPHOP community. He released one mixtape and one album so far: Aatma Bibhad (mix-tape) and Nakab.

Music has somewhat been a part of human life. Raps are indeed pleasing music and taking about Nepali raps, lots of people are fond of Nepali rap. No wonder, they are as great as any other great music. And these super rappers are entertaining us with so exciting and enjoyable rap. Just in case, who’s your favorite Nepali rapper? Share with us!!