Barsha Karmacharya

Barsha Karmacharya | Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Boyfriend

Barsha Karmachrya is a Nepali singer, beautiful model, and makeup artist. With over 11 million Youtube views, she is taking her steps to be a great Nepali pop-star. She’s famously known for her break-out hit “Sarara” featuring Brijesh Shrestha.

Barsha Karmacharya

Biography of Barsha Karmacharya

Name Barsha Kamarcharya
Date of Birth 1995 A.D.
Nickname K- rain
Birthplace Kathmandu, Nepal
Current Residence San Fransisco, US
Schooling Banepa
Education Fashion Designing
Occupation Model, Singer, Makeup Artist

Education, Early age

Barsha Karmacharya was born in 1995 A.D. at Kathamandu, Nepal. As a child, she had a very bubbly character. She used to enjoy singing, dancing and performing even at a young age. She was born in Kathmandu, that’s where she did her early schooling and then Banepa. She was pursuing fashion designing in Nepal. Then, she went to one of the most culturally and historically beautiful city of San Francisco in California, also known as the city of love for further education.


She is more interested in music than her full-time career makeup/cosmetology. The first song that she officially recorded was ‘Bistarai Bistarai’ back in 2014. She wanted to pursue music ever since she was a teenager and she started taking it seriously and working on it after college.

Then, talking about Sarara she always wanted to try a typical Nepalese song but with a slightly different feel. That is how Sarara was born. Brijesh and she worked really hard and was extremely impressed with the final product. She had a very good feeling that the audience would like it but never thought it would be so big and successful with over 11 million YouTube views. After, the success of Sarara she attempts on giving Nepalese audience a new taste with Mann Chaina. The younger generation loved the video and the song itself is her kind of genre. That is definitely what you will see her doing more of. She is more confident and comfortable doing such kind of songs.

List of Songs done by Barsha Karmacharya

  • Bistarai Bistarai
  • Sarara
  • Mann Chaina
  • Ohh Maicha
  • Aakashko Tara
  • Kori Hera


Then talking about her full-time career she is trying to pursue a career in makeup/cosmetology and working on the same field. Currently, she is partnered with some friends here and involved in a small business. Music is her passion and it is something that she loves doing and not something that she does for the sake of income or living at the moment.


As of now, she is a single independent gorgeous girl who is in love with music and dance. Barsha has shown that she has what it takes to be a complete pop star.

Taking music as a passion Barsha Karmacharya has rapidly been making a name on the Nepali music scene. She is a very talented and hardworking person. She is very cute and beautiful with a very pretty kickass personality. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to her youtube channel to support her.

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