Brijesh Shrestha

Brijesh Shrestha | Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family

Brijesh Shrestha a Nepali music producer, singer, and songwriter. He is one of the best producers in Nepal. After a long struggle, he has been very famous all over the nation.

Brijesh Shrestha Biography

Brijesh Shrestha

Early Age and Education

Brijesh Shrestha was born on September 9, 1994, at Dharan, Sunsari District of Nepal. Currently, he lives in Kathmandu. His mother is a housewife and his father used to be a singer and Musician at radio Nepal. He finished his primary school education and enrolled in “Sunsari Technical College” where he successfully completed secondary school education but after that, he left the study. Due to his father, he was more attracted to singing and music so he started to focus on his music career. He is very talented and wanted to struggle with his life, fulfill his desires on his own.


As of a career, he started his career in his early life. Although he was facing many struggles he didn’t give up continued his hard work. He didn’t ask for money to buy anything for his family, he used to make a music track and earn Rs. 5000 per month in which he was very satisfied. After seeing his hard work, his mother bought him a computer by selling her necklace. Because of his hard work, he is one of the best music producers in Nepal. Now, he has his own music studio named Ness Studio. Brijesh Shrestha’s total net worth is estimated to be roughly around 10 to 20 lakh and also generates extra revenue and income from singing and songwriting. 

Brijesh Shrestha Songs

  • Koi Hera
  • Dalli
  • Rang
  • Kanchi Hey Kanchi
  • Sarara
  • Naruwana
  • Nachana
  • Oi Maicha
  • Kich Kich
  • Udi jau na

Girlfriend and Relationship

Brijesh Shrestha is currently single and has no girlfriend. He used to have a girlfriend but due to some personal reasons, they had to break up. Now he is not in any love affair or relationship with anyone.


Brijesh Shrestha Some Facts

  • His mother bought him a computer by sold her necklace.
  • He wants a real struggle. he didn’t ask money to buy anything for his family.
  • His father used to be a singer and Musician at radio Nepal.
  • Its been almost 12 years, he is working as a music producer.

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