ios 13

Apple ios 13 Detail preview

Apple Special Event. June 3, 2019.

From the San Jose Convention Center.

iOS 13

ios 13


With a new Dark Mode Experience a dramatic new look. Explore fun and functional updates to Photos, Maps, Messages, and more. As well as new features help to manage your privacy and security. ios13 introduce a whole new look on a whole new level. Major update to the apps that use every day and new ways to protect privacy. Dark Mode’s thoughtfully designed to make every element on the screen easier on the eyes and is seamlessly integrated throughout the system. And it’s simple to turn on from Control Center or set to automatically turn on at night.



In ios 13 the unlocking the face ID is 30% faster, app downloads are 50% smaller, update 60% smaller and the real deal is the launching app will be twice the faster than other ios.


Now users can sign in to apps and websites with the Apple ID which they already have. No filling out forms or creating new passwords. Just tap Sign In with Apple and after a quick Face ID or Touch ID confirmation. Apps can ask only for name and email address, and if prefer, Apple can create a unique email address that forwards to the user’s real one. Apple won’t track user activity and data.


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ios13 adds maps with more 3D experience so users can explore cities with an immersive 3D experience that lets users pan around 360 degrees and move seamlessly down streets.


Siri has new voice using advanced neural text-to-speech technology, particularly when speaking longer phrases, like when reading the news or answering knowledge questions. Just wait until you hear it. Siri works with apps in more powerful ways with the built‑in Shortcuts app. Siri can now learn the voices of family members using HomePod, so everyone has a personalized experience.

Memoji and Messages

ios 13
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ios13 introduce the new emoji called Memoji. User can Make own Memoji one in a trillion with new hairstyles, headwear, makeup, and piercings. Memoji automatically becomes sticker packs that live in users keyboard. So users can use them in Messages, Mail, and third‑party apps. Typing a message is become easier Simply swipe from one letter to the next without lifting user finger to enter a word. On‑device machine learning recognizes the path users draw and converts it for users, making one‑handed typing a breeze.


ios 13
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Now it’s even easier to create and organize reminders. The quick toolbar lets users add dates, times, locations, flags, photos, and more. And Siri suggests reminders might want to add, like creating a reminder while you make plans in Messages.