Best time to Visit Nepal

Best time to Visit Nepal | Travel Guide | Visit Nepal 2020

One of the most common questions asked by foreigners is what is the Best time to visit Nepal. Well, the answer depends upon various factors such as your purpose and destination. Nepal is such a travel destination that you can visit all year round. There are activities that you can engage in every month of the year.

 Nepal has primarily 4 seasons

  • Spring – March till May
  • Summer – June till August
  • Autumn – September to November
  • Winter – December to February

Spring Season

Spring season starts in Nepal from March and extends till late May before the summer season begins. The weather tends to be more stable as temperatures climb steadily and this is a popular time to go trekking in Nepal. Spring features great festivals, including Holi in March and Nepalese New Year in April. You can also engage in fun activities like Paragliding, Bunjee, Rafting, Trekking in spring weather. May is one of the warmest months of the year but will bring cloud and showers before the monsoon arrives. Spring is also the second tourist season so there will be lots of tourists in the popular tourist destinations. The downside of the spring season is the visibility of mountains from lower elevations is obscured due to haze.

Best time to Visit Nepal

Summer Season

Summer season is the beginning of monsoon in Nepal and brings hot, humid weather, with most trekking areas seeing cloudy skies and rain. Summer season begins from June till August. The temperature can reach as high as 30℃ and sometimes even more. The humidity is also relatively higher in the hilly region. The summer season is great for traveling in the city areas as trekking routes are not the best in this season. You can visit areas such as Upper Mustang or Nar Phu. The Yarthung Horse Festival takes place in June in Manang. You can enjoy paddy plantations during this time of the year. Rainfall usually occurs during the night so you can wake up with views of beautiful and lush hills.

Best time to Visit Nepal

Autumn Season

Autumn is the season of festivals in Nepal. It is the perfect time for celebrating the biggest Hindu festival Dashain and Tihar. Autumn is also the peak season and is also regarded widely as the best time to visit Nepal for tourist as there are beautiful views of mountains that one can see. The season starts from September to late November when the weather is perfect. Neither too hot nor too cold. The skies are clear and it is usually windy. As the monsoon dissipates in September, Nepal welcomes beautiful clear skies, fresh air, and incredible views. The only downside is as it is peak tourist season the tourist quarters and trekking trails are packed, prices are high and it may be hard to find a decent room if you intend on trekking alone.

Winter Season

The winter season lasts from December to February. And the temperature falls down to 0℃ even in Kathmandu valley. It is the dry season with bare hills and mountains. Midwinter offers the clearest view of snow-capped mountains. Winter brings cold weather at higher elevations but is a great time to visit Nepal for crystal clear skies. Treks in the lower Himalayan foothills are perfect in winter, and so are the jungles of Chitwan and Bardia in the south of Nepal. This is a great time to visit the Terai, and if you can face the cold, a rare time to be in the mountains too as there are less tourist at this time.


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