Microsoft Chromium edge

Microsoft is rebuilding its Edge browser

Last year December Microsoft had announced a project named Microsoft Chromium. This project is about entirely rebuilding the Microsoft edge browser using Google Chrome’s code based.

At first look, the new beta version of Microsoft Chromium looks similar to Google’s Chrome. If you love to browse in Chrome browser then you will love the new edge browser too.

Microsoft chromium edge

User Interface

At first glance, the UI looks the same as the old edge browser. You can customize it a little bit more than the older version. Search bar with the frequently used website, newsfeed and browser wallpapers are some of the customizable options added like in Chrome browser. There is a user profile at the top right corner which is new to edged users. Through this new user profile, you can manage your profile and get a notification. The setting menu is also similar to the Chrome browser. You can import your data from other browser or old edge browser in new edge browser and set up how you want it. Another new feature that is added in the edge is Extensions.


New Edge can load the pages pretty instantly, it doesn’t hang or lag like the old version of Microsoft Edge browser. Regarding touch support, the new Edge browser feels the same as in the old version of Microsoft Edge. The new version of Microsoft Edge is much more stable than the old version.


If you are the user of Microsoft Edge then this might be new to you because there are no options for extension in old versions of Microsoft Edge. Now in a new version of Edge, you can see extension option where you can download the various extensions. If you can’t find the extensions in Microsoft extension then you can go to Chrome’s extension store and get it from there.

Another interesting feature is you can download the web apps in the browser. Unfortunately, the new Edge browser is available in Mac only and will be available soon in Windows 7 and 8.

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