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Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) implementation in Nepal from Shrawan 1

(MDMS) Mobile Device Management System is being implemented in Nepal starting Shrawan 1, 2078 / June 16, 2021.

On May 28, 2021, Finance Minister of Nepal Mr Bishnu Prasad announced the budget for the fiscal year 2021/22. In the announcement, the implementation of device management was also announced. The system is for controlling the illegal import of smartphones and devices that support SIM cards in Nepal. The system was expected to be implemented on January 1, 2020, which didn’t commence at the designated time.

What is a Mobile Device Management System (MDMS)?

The import of smartphones in Nepal is high. And to be noted: these devices enter the border unregistered. These activities like selling smartphones via the grey market have been a major problem for the nation. Grey Market refers to the distribution and sale of official goods through non-official means. This is leading to the loss of tax opportunities to the government, while official importers lose business.

The Mobile Device Management System is a solution founded by the government to keep track of the smart devices within the country. The system doesn’t allow the unauthorized and unofficial transport of smart devices from abroad.

MDMS NTA Project

The device management system is to be implemented under the NTA project. NTA initiation Mobile Device Management System actually keeps all the records of telecommunication devices i.e. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number in NTA’s database. The records are kept categorizable into White List, Black List or Grey List.

How To Register Your Smartphone IMEI at NTA?

The Covid-19 outbreak has promoted distant tasks and with that comes online working too. Thus, applying the safe method NTA has started online IMEI registration. You can register your smartphone via the following methods:

  1. Please, click the following NTA’s official link of the government to register your device. (
  2. Fill in the details and submit your application.
  3. Your submission shall be responded to via an email acknowledging your IMEI registration.
  4. NTA shall either approve or disapprove your application based on your smartphone history.
  5. The following NTA’s official link lets you know the status of your device: registered or not. Enter your IMEI number and know the status of your device.

device management registration

How to check your device’s IMEI (unique code) number?

  1. Dial *#06# on your phone.
  2. The IMEI number will now be displayed on the screen. Take a screenshot or note it down somewhere safe in case of future need.

The requirement’s to fill the NTA form

The Individual Application Registration form requires you to include your:

Mobile Device Management System

  • Nationality
  • Device unique code (IMEI/ ESN/ MEID)
  • Device Brand
  • Applicant Name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Your Identity Number (Eg. Citizenship Number)
  • Attachment of Citizenship, Other ID Card, Passport and Visa
  • Email

Pro’s of the MDMS

  1. The implementation of the device management system promotes the safe sale of smartphones.
  2. The local and legal smartphone markets shall flourish.
  3. A fair purchase of smartphones is right indeed.
  4. The nation’s loss on tax shall be recovered.
  5. The Mobile Device Management System will also let you track your device in case of loss/theft.
  6. This system is fruitful to the national smartphone distributors and customers both.

If not registered,

  1. The smartphones shall be inoperable after the implementation of the MDMS. The devices are unauthorized that people transport unofficially from abroad.
  2. Phones not registered at NTA (illegal/grey imports) will be blocked from any and all carrier networks in Nepal. You won’t be able to make phone calls or messages via the device.
  3. In case of loss/theft of your device, you won’t be able to report your device. Unregistered devices make you ineligible to make a police complaint.
  4. Use of an unregistered device makes you subject to punishable actions as per existing regulation.
    The seller and buyer of smart devices via the grey market are also subject to legal actions.

What is your thought on the implementation of MDMS in Nepal? Do you think the system will be implemented effectively?

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  1. Thanks for the info TNN.
    But I don’t think we will get chance to register our device as the given registration link is slow and shows database error…*Fun fact: I did buy my phone at so called famous market “THE TAMRAKAR HOUSE” which I thought was white market but no still my phone is shown as unregistered ??
    *Not so Fun fact: I think I will be that subject to get punishable actions as per the regulation..
    Manjoor hai..??

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