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Rabi Lamichhane and the team have brought Nepal’s first 4K TV Channel named GALAXY 4K TV channel Nepal. It was unveiled holding a special event on Feb 23, 2021. Lamichhane told in the inauguration event that, this is a step taken with an intent to prioritize and bring out the voice of Nepali citizens while entertaining them alongside.

galaxy 4k Rabi lamichhane

Rabi Lamichhane’s New Channel

Recognized for being an apostle of Social Justice, Rabi Lamichhane is a journalist and media personality. He is also a world record holder for hosting the longest talk show. The popular TV show “Sidha Kura Janta Sanga”, is what made him a household name. Lamichhane surely holds a spot in thousands of Nepali hearts. Recently, when he left his most viewed TV show, people were curious about what would be the next step for him. And the influential media personality raised back with his team introducing the Galaxy 4K TV. Rabi Lamichhane is leading as the managing director for this television.

About the 4K Technology

The Galaxy 4K TV uses the latest technology to provide better visuals. Understanding 4K, it is one of the latest display technologies aimed at providing transparent and crisp, accurate performance compared with traditional HD quality. It has a pixel 4 times the full HD resolution which makes a much clearer and more accurate image quality.

This era is already known as the era of technology. And with developing technologies, many Nepali homes already hold the 4K display televisions. Having being able to only watch HD channels until now, these televisions can finally breathe with their purpose of displaying 4K channels.

The horizontal display resolution is 4000 pixels, which is four times better than the 1080P HD TV. The resolution in 4K is dimensioned as a 3840 X 2160-pixel display. So, it has a higher pixel density than the 2K or other traditional TV technologies.

You can have the best experience of Galaxy 4K TV on 4K Televisions. But you can also be able to watch the channel on your regular televisions.

Programs of Galaxy 4K TV channel

Already having publicized, Galaxy 4K TV is going to host some of the very anticipated programs. They include:

  • Sidha Kura… (with Rabi Lamichhane)
  • Kamka Kura (until we wait for Sidha Kura)
  • Ko Banchha Crorepati (Presented by Rajesh Hamal)
  • Crime Patrol Nepal (Presentor Dipak Giri)
  • Laal Mohar (Presented by Ramesh Prasai)
  • Forever (with Poet Nawaraj Parajuli)
  • Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Musical Show
  • Aabishkar, a premium science reality show (Hosted by Dr. Mahabir Pun)
  • Sambandha (with Vijay Kumar Pandey)
  • Ramayana in the Nepali Language
  • The Leaders (starting next year)

4K TV channel

Digital Nepal is building and one of its best examples is the first ever 4K TV channel, Galaxy 4K TV. With this channel, a gateway has been opened in Nepal of bringing more technological advancements and digitalizing it. The Galaxy 4K TV has been receiving a lot of positive reviews and people seem really excited for the channel as well, especially with the programs such as Ramayan in Nepali and Crime Patrol Nepal.

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