Class 9 to 10 Time Table of Radio Class

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Human Resources Development Center, Audio Visual Branch, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

All schools, parents, students, siblings, principals, and teachers in 77 districts.

Subject: Regarding the audio text broadcast schedule.

As the teaching of all schools across the country has been affected by the Kovid-19 roadmap, with the aim of continuing the alternative teaching and learning process, the Student Learning Facilitation Guide, 2077, specified by the Alternative System recently issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Since the audio lessons of the compulsory subjects of class 9 and 10 produced will be broadcast from Radio Nepal from 2077-03-01 to 2077-03-31, it is requested to create an environment where students can benefit from the lessons broadcasted in this way.

Similarly, the concerned student brothers and sisters are requested to take advantage of the lessons by listening to them as per their convenience. The broadcast schedule is attached herewith. Also, the text broadcast schedule from 2077-3-14 to 2077-3-31 will be published later.


  1. Ministry of Social Development, 7 Provisions
  2. Directorate of Education Development, 7 Provisions
  3. Necessary support and coordination for all concerned in the Education Training Center, 7 provinces
  4. Local-level municipalities, provide 753 facilitation and information.
  5. Education Development and Coordination Unit, 77