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A paid position of regular employment is known as a job. In a simple way, it is one of the most important things that is needed for all people for living. Many people in Nepal are struggling in the search for jobs. So, for those struggling jobless people, there are many job sites where they can find jobs suitable for them.

Hence, here are the lists of best Job Sites in Nepal without any order which will help you to find your own jobs. I have also given my thoughts on the site, their design, UI/UX, features and pricing,

MeroJob Nepal

Job Sites in Nepal

Since its inception in 2009, Merojob is a Certified Company which has turned out to be the number one job provider in Nepal. They have been offering 32,000+ employers to promote their employer brands to job seekers and advertise diverse opportunities. They are well-known as a national leader in recruitment solutions & career management in Nepal. From the web to mobile, to social media tools and apps, we service companies of all sizes to find the right fit using most advanced technology in Nepal. They are more than just a job site. The customized platform provided to job seekers, on the other hand, let them register, search, apply, and get jobs for free.

Merojob is probably one of the most popular Job Sites in Nepal and we can see why looking at their site. Overall the site is pretty easy to navigate with, the home page has an option to search jobs right away. It also sets jobs on the basis of top jobs, hot jobs, and featured jobs in Nepal but for those, you will have to pay a certain amount. But you can still easily connect with any job provider or job seeker with their site. The site is also pretty fast and the process of posting a job or applying for a job is pretty easy. Their customer service is also great as they provide quick communication. You can also download their App which is pretty useful.

Jobs Nepal

Job Sites in Nepal

The largest locally focused employment website in the nation! Jobs Nepal’s mission is to lead the Internet employment industry in Nepal by providing innovative information, superior resume management software, and a comprehensive selection of services. In its journey of 20 years, this job search portal has connected myriads of job seekers to the employers and helped them to taste the fruit of employment. You can easily register as a job provider or job seeker on the site but to post jobs on the Top, Hot or Normal jobs you will have to pay Nrs 1000 per unit (One Top job requires 5 job units, One Hot job requires 2 job units, One Normal job requires 1 job unit). The site is also really easy to navigate and access and is definitely one of the top Job Sites in Nepal.


Job Sites in Nepal

Jobejee is the fastest-growing job portal in Nepal. With the Jobejee website and application, you can search and apply for jobs with optimal ease and also have a stress-free application period. Jobejee’s advanced features allow you to find your perfect job within minutes and apply for it with a single click. With the Jobejee website and application, you can search and apply for jobs with optimal ease and also have a stress-free application period. Apart from the website they also have an app that you can use.

I found the navigation of this site to be the easiest one to use as there isn’t much you have to do to find jobs. This job site would probably be one of the best Job Sites in Nepal if it was based on design. You can easily find jobs by category, industry, or location all from the home page. You can also enhance your company’s brand by creating a micro-website and grab the opportunity to feature your company across the website, become a featured company, and get promoted via their pop up advertisements. With their in-built communication system, you will get to send mass emails and messages to your prospective candidates easily. The Job Seeker and Employer Zone button are almost impossible to miss. They also have an App if you want to use it.


Job Sites in Nepal

Kantipur Management Private Limited (KMPL) is expertise in human resources solutions and has been providing Human Resource Management and related solutions to organizations across the country since 2012. It’s Mission is to assist organizations and individuals to identify the right skills and manage human resources to achieve business excellence. Our services range from HR consulting, staff outsourcing, recruitment and selection processes, training, and development to business process outsourcing getting broader with the market requirements each day. Although the site may not be the best visually it still has a large database of job providers and job seekers and that is what makes it one of the best Job Sites in Nepal.


Job Sites in Nepal is one of the leading and growing job portals in Nepal. It is a product of Creative Job Pvt. Ltd. It is covering almost every job in the Nepalese job market with free job posting service to the job providers. RamroJob aims at providing detailed information to a job seeker at free of cost. The site design in my opinion is a little bit here or and there and may look barebones but like any other job sites on the list, it still gets the fundamentals of what a job portal should do. Job posting and searching are as simple as doing a google search and registering is also quick and easy.

RamroJob services:

  • Placement Services
  • Outsourcing
  • HR Consulting
  • Job Posting Service


Job Sites in Nepal

Kumari Job is one of the leading legally certified Human Resource consulting firm operating since 2014. Kumari Job is also known for its professional training services to produce qualified and skilled manpower in diverse fields. Kumari Job is morally operating by following the principles where the value of clients is highly understood and recognized to provide them with the best services. If you are visiting this site then make sure you do it on your desktop as the site is not mobile-friendly or you can also download their app. The site has some bugs in it but when it comes to finding and posting jobs it’s pretty useful. They also have an App that you can use.

KumariJobs Servies:

  • Staffing Service
  • Outsourcing
  • HR Consulting
  • Job Posting Service
  • Corporate Training


Job Sites in Nepal

Growth Sellers is an independent HR Consulting firm dedicated to providing complete HR support services as per the need of the organizations. It has been operating since 2008 into the Nepalese market. It has covered various parts of HR domains like recruitment, HR policy, operational guideline development, organization restructuring and system development, human resource supply, employee productivity, professionalism development, performance management, salary survey, training and development, research, and many more. It facilitates to bridge a gap between candidates and employment opportunities. Growthsellers provides notification and alert system for frequent job alerts. You can register on the site using Google or Facebook easily and for posting jobs the price starts from Nrs. 1750. If you are a job seeker then you can easily find jobs on the basis of your job title or category, you can even follow, share, or add jobs as a favorite for the future. Their annual package starts from Rs10000. You can find more about the cost details on the packages.

Jobs Dynamic

Job Sites in Nepal

Jobs Dynamic are a global strategic management partner to craft future and reciprocate growth of people and organization. They enable the clients’ growth by creating, processing, and disseminating knowledge-based solutions through technovation. Their services include Recruitment, Consulting, Training, and Outsourcing. The vision of the company is to try bringing Internet technology in the mainstream business and economic life of society.

The site has useful features such as a test section where you can carry out an Aptitude test or General banking test which helps you to get noticed as candidates scoring high marks in tests have high chances to be called for the interview. You can also fill out a form for an internship. One of the best features I found on the site is the feature to search for jobs by salary. They also have a mobile app that you can use.


Job Sites in Nepal

Mero Rojgari is the brand name of Rojgari Services Pvt. Ltd., registered under the company act, in 2012 with the objective of providing work connectivity opportunities. Merorojgari has currently 2500+ and growing registered companies and 5100+ and growing available jobs. MeroRojgari fetches the job advertisements from the reputed newspapers and divulges on its website. The site has a really useful feature that is it helps you to create a Resume. On the resume option, you can check the resume of other people as well. Right off you can check available jobs on the home page with featured jobs at the top. They have also divided jobs on the basis of category. The site is pretty simple and doesn’t have too much fancy stuff and just focuses on the job finding and job posting feature. Although the site may not be that optimized it is still one of the useful Job Sites in Nepal. You can also get the MeroRojgari App from the play store.


JobAxle is a career building and recruitment platform that connects “right jobs” and “right people” together. It is everything but an ordinary job portal. JobAxle strives to provide the best services in the field of recruitment solutions and career building. JobAxle visions to improve the procedure of the recruiting industry. JobAxle values the individual need of Fresher, Freelancers, the experienced job seekers, and Employers. It works rigorously to cater to the need of each individual differently. JobAxle has a separate page for the IT and Non-IT Jobs to help Jobseekers personalized job recommendations. JobAxle uses advanced searching algorithms to provide a smooth experience to the job seekers and employers. Te

CMS Jobs

CMS Job Pvt. Ltd is an HR service provider company dedicated to rendering services like HR Consulting, Recruitment, placement, and Executive Search, Training & development. It provides consulting services on human resources management such as; formulation of various policies, procedures, and SOPs related to the broader spectrum of human resources management. CMS Job strives to work as a bridge to connect the employers and job seekers as per their respective needs.

Sabaiko Jobs is a newly launched job portal site of Nepal by SOLID FUTURE HR Consulting. The site is developed understanding the uttermost need of job seekers and employers from a job portal site at the national level. Their main features include

  • Easy registration
  • Quick Uploads
  • Referrals
  • Online Chat Assistance
  • Better search option
  • Effective communication through integrated social media buttons

I hope you like our list of the best Job Sites in Nepal. If you think we missed any make sure you let us know.