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Top Places to Visit in Kathmandu | Visit Nepal 2021

Kathmandu is the capital and center of Nepal. Located in the central development region it is one of the top cities to visit in the world. Being the capital it is the most developed and modernized city in Nepal. Kathmandu Valley is home to a rich cultural and natural diversity. There are various sites to visit and activities you can engage in. As it also has the country’s only international airport every year millions of travelers start their travel from Kathmandu. Even though being a small city there are various places you can visit, many things you can see, many people you can meet and even more things you can do. With Visit Nepal 2020 in mind here is a list of places you can visit if you plan on visiting Nepal.

Here is a list of the top places to visit in Kathmandu


Boudhanath is one of the best locations in Kathmandu city anyone can visit. It is also a world heritage site and one of the holiest places for Buddhists. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the biggest dome structured stupa. The peaceful location gives you a spiritual feeling. There are various shops and hotels around the area. Rooftop restaurants give you the best view. There are also smaller shops located all around the stupa selling everything from Thankas, Beads, sculptures and many more.

Pic Credit: Pemba Tshiring Sherpa

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Located to the east side of the city Bhaktapur is another destination travelers must visit while in Kathmandu. It is also a world heritage site and every year thousands of travelers visit this place. Bhaktapur is rich in cultural history and is a remnant of Nepal’s past. You can get a travel guide who can guide you through all the areas in the region. But if you are traveling alone you can still enjoy the sights by yourself. The main attractions of Bhaktapur are the Museums, ancient buildings, temples, sculptures and the people themselves. Bhaktapur also has various ponds around Durbar Square where you can feed the fishes and have an overall good time. The region is also most popular for “Juju Dhau Dahi” which is basically traditional yogurt which is made specially and in my opinion, is something you must really try out.

Pic Credit: Pemba Tshiring Sherpa


Also known as the Monkey Temple, Swyambhu is an ancient religious stupa located atop a hill. It is one of the top places to visit in Nepal because of its location. Situated in the northwest side of the city the monkey temple as the name suggests has a lot of monkeys. There are many stupas and statues of Lord Buddha at the main entrance. As a religious place, it is popular among both Hindu and Buddhist people. From the top, you can get a clear view of the city. There are also many shops selling cultural products and memorabilia.

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Known as the tourist hub of Nepal, Thamel is one of the busiest parts of the city. There are more than a hundred hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bars. Thamel is most known for its nightlife. It is also the prime location for tourists to stay while in Kathmandu. The hotels can range from high end to cheap and budget hotels. A hotel can charge anywhere from 10$ to 100$ depending on the type of accommodations.

Pic Credit: Pemba Tshiring Sherpa

Patan Durbar Square

Located in the south in the city of Lalitpur we have another top tourist destination that is Patan Durbar Square. It is another religious site similar to Bhaktapur Durbar Square full of ancient and historical buildings. There are lots of places you can visit such as Mangalbazar which is the busiest part of the city. The Patan Museum is one of the best museums in Nepal which shows Nepal’s culture, art and architecture, and history. If you enjoy eating it also has local restaurants that provide local delicacies. The Mahaboudha located in the south of Patan Durbar square is one of the top places to visit in Patan. Patan also hosts one of the biggest religious gathering in Nepal during Indra Jatra and Bhoto Jatra.

Kathmandu Durbar Square:

Kathmandu Durbar square is one of the top hangout places for tourists as well as locals. There are many temples you can visit. The Museum in Kathmandu Durbar Square also hosts many historical items that are put on display. There are lots of tattoo parlor, pubs, bars, and restaurants in this area. During the festival of Holy, it also hosts various concerts. The Living Goddess or Kumari also stays in Kathmandu Durbar Square. Indra Chowk is also another spot where you can get one of the most delicious Lassi in Kathmandu. It’s easy to find as you’ll see lots of people standing with glasses of Lassi in their hands.


One of the Holiest place for Hindus in the world Pashupatinath is another destination you must visit. Every year millions of followers of Lord Shiva gather in Pashupatinath to get their blessings. During the festival of Maha Shivaratri thousands of pilgrims gather around in what can only be described as a religious spectacle. During this festival, the follower consumes Bhang, Dhaturo, Ganja in an attempt to obtain Nirvana. Only Hindus are allowed inside the Temple but you can stroll around the outskirts of the temple.

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