TikTok Viral Places

TikTok: Trending Viral Places

I had a travel list. And the travel destinations were all foreign lands. Spending more time on Tiktok these days, I got reminded of a Nepali Proverb, “नजिकको तीर्थ हेला।” With every scroll, trending viral places just near the corner and around are discovered. The locals of such a place were aware but not everybody. And TikTok has had a major hand in introducing those fancy, cool and pleasing destinations.

Okay, one person posted an introductory video. That completely converts the place into a viral destination. Now, within few hours and days, many people post the video of visiting that place. And they share the experience with those places as awesome. The swarm of people posits that even those small yet peculiar places are capable of being a must-visit destination. Hence, below are mentioned the hidden gems of Nepal. These places were not known to many before they got introduced to Tiktok. And people couldn’t resist themselves from not visiting. Here are the TikTok introduced trending viral places from Nepal.

Plane Crash Location, Gundu, Bhaktapur

The Lush Greenery and a plane crash model are the major attractions of this viral place. The green scenery makes you feel connected back to nature. Even a couple of minutes spent there would present a heavenly feeling within you. The small hills and grasslands serve to heal your eyes and soul. And the abandoned plane crash model gives a feeling like you’re seeing a part of history there. Not a real crashed plane but it is a model built to train the armies for preparing them in emergency situations like a plane crash.

This place is located in Gundu, Suryabinayak Municipality of Bhaktapur. Take right from the Suryabinayak Temple and a little further this majestic viral place from TikTok will be right before your eyes.

Sasa: Twa Kirtipur

Sasa: Twa is another viral place from TikTok which shares the essence of rich Newari ethos. The traditionally designed restaurant serves the core Newari culture and Newari cuisine. The giant space is definitely a plus point. It’s a perfect place for tasting the palatable Newari dishes and spending memorable hospitality in a beautiful culture. Sasa: Twa has a very Newari delight and the service is worth what you pay.

Sasa: Twa, the viral place on Tiktok is located in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. You’ll have to move 500 m ahead from Kirtipur Police Station and it’s situated opposite to Sa: Sa D’ Newa.

Swing cafe Basantapur

It’s like a place from dreamland. The trending swing cafe is a fun place to be in. Enjoy your snack while also having the fun of being on a swing. There aren’t many places that allow adults to ride swings and adults love swings as much as a child. This place thus has become a favourite of many. Swing cafe has limited food items on the menu but has varieties of drinks you can choose from on its menu. Thus, grab a drink and enjoy the experience with a swing.

Swing cafe is located in Basantapur Kathmandu. Next to Himalayan java and upstairs from Aalucha, the viral Swing cafe is in front of your steps.

Manahunkot, Tanahu

After appearing on Tiktok, Tanahu’s Manahunkot had received a swarm of domestic tourists. The reason this place got viral on TikTok is the majestic scenery it provides. Man craves for good things to see. And Manaunkot hill gives the best view of sunrise one can fall in awe with. One can enjoy the best sunrise view with the clouds soaring right ahead of you. Which is why this viral place came to the attention of many people. The local government has planned the construction of a view tower on top of the hill to promote tourism.

Manahunkot is a tall hill located in Tanahun’s Byas Municipality-5.

Malpokhari Daldale Daha

Recently, a wobbly, wavy grassland has been viral on TikTok. The first post by an account named aakritikc72 shows two girls running across the wobbly grass that seems like a natural trampoline. And further, TikTok has many other accounts posting videos of visiting the place and running, jumping and enjoying the waterbed-like field.

The Mal Pokhari park remains at the edge of the Bagmati River. Not certain but it appears that this video shows an area of the park after a flood that caused some of the water to be trapped beneath the surface, similar to a “lawn bubble” or “lawn blister.” However, the actual cause isn’t discovered yet. But certainly, the wobbliness of the grass surface made the Malpokari one of the viral places through TikTok.

It is located in Dhobighat, Aafaldol tole -4 Lalitpur, Nepal.

Mirror Maze

TikTok has been able to shed light on many unique sounds, trends and places of course. The newly opened Mirror Maze has also gone completely viral on TikTok. As the name suggests, a series of mazes (a network of paths designed as a puzzle) are made from mirrors that you have to find your way out of. Looking for a way out, you might even bump into the mirrors or try to walk through them thinking they are new paths. Recently, TikTok has several videos of people visiting the place and much more are interested in the place. A total of five people can explore one maze theme at a time—for around 10 minutes.

The viral mirror maze is located in three different places; Kumaripati, Lalitpur and Chabahil, Kathmandu.

Mirror Maze

3D Picture Museum

The newly opened 3D picture museum called ‘Art in Paradise’ is another viral place from TikTok. There, one can teleport to Shanghai, the Eiffel tower, the Seven Wonders, the Arctic region, the Amazon basin or even Everest Base Camp, and experience an illusioned world and find joy in creating digital memories. The optical illusion the museum’s artworks plays with is intriguing and compelling. Many are visiting the place to create content for their TikToks and social media feeds turning it into one of the other viral places on TikTok.

It is located on the fifth floor of Kathmandu Mall, Sundhara.

Bahubali Waterfall

The wonder of nature is indeed captivating the heart of men. And Tindhare Jharana, also known as Bahubali Jharana has kept people awestruck. The reason behind its name Tindhare (3-Stream) Jharana is because of water falling from 3 sides of the Mahabharata mountain range. It really looks like the waterfall seen in the Bahubali movie making it a viral local destination. It has always been there but from TikTok, it became known to more and more people.

The viral Tindhare Jharana, also known as Bahubali Jharana, is located in the Kavre district of Nepal. You can reach Tindhare Jharana from Namobuddha-to-Dapcha or from Dhulikhel-to-Pipaltar-to-Kafaldada.

Tindhare Jharana Bahubali Waterfall

The Umbrella Streets

Umbrella Street was a sensation on TikTok and social media a few months ago. After the set up of colourful umbrellas over the street of new road, it got viral on social media within a few days. It was indeed unique and the streets were decorated with colourful umbrellas. People went to those streets for TikTok content and photos. The umbrella street in Kathmandu, near New Road Gate, has been completely removed due to the huge crowd and mass gathering. It nearly went impossible to control the crowd which led to removing of the colourful umbrella decoration from there.

Other than Kathmandu, it has been constructed in few places of Nepal i.e. Chitwan, Pokhara, Itahari, and Dharan.

Umbrella Street
Umbrella Street, NewRoad, Kathmandu

These are only a few lists of viral places from TikTok. Much more cool and adventurous places are being viral every day from all around Nepal. And they all have the potential of being claimed as must-visit destinations. We have so much beautiful, creative and wonderful places around us that we have missed. In a way, TikTok has been a boon for unveiling the wonders around us. Indeed it is constantly reminding us that our country is one of the best tourist destinations. What other viral places have you found through TikTok? Share through comments.

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