Huawei Mate X

HUAWEI Mate X | Huawei’s Foldable Smartphone

Meet the Unprecedented

2019 is all about foldable smartphones. Lunching at MWC 2019 (Mobile World Congress), the Mate X is one of the biggest competitors to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold folds inwards whereas the Mate X wraps around the outside of the device. The main difference is that Samsung’s Galaxy fold Huawei is one of the lead company on Smartphone. Last year the shipment of Huawei smartphone was 206 million units. Huawei claims that “Mate X is the World’s Fastest Foldable 5G phone “.

Huawei Mate X

Mate X has 6.6-inch font display, 6.38 inch back display and 8-inch display after unfolding the devices. The best part of Mate X is it is thinner than Samsung’s Fold phone. Huawei Mate X has Uncompromised view while hold phone in one hand. Comparing to the iPhone X and Galaxy fold the front display is larger and compact.

Due to the soft screen and falcon fold design, the Mate X can be bend and stretch several times. Mate X doesn’t have cut off in the screen like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. The fingerprint sensor is integrated on power button like previous smartphones. It is thinner than the new (5.9mm) Ipad pro which is 5.5.4 mm thin. Huawei uses the world’s first 7nm multi-mode 5G chipset which leads industry-leading 5G download speed.

Huawei Mate X

Huawei reengineers their antennas with 4 integrated 5G antennas for unhindered transmission of the 5G signal. A comfort hand-held bar perfectly balances the pursuit of slim body and comfortable grip. The handheld bar is compact with Leica Camera. With 55w world’s fastest Supercharge you can charge the 85% of the battery within 30 mins. It contains a 4500w mAh battery. Mate X comes with KIRIN 980 processor and BALONG 5000 5G chipset.

Huawei is available in only one color i.e. Interstellar Blue.


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