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Pramod Kharel is the Nepali singer, the most versatile singer of the current music industry of Nepal. He has recorded more than 2000 songs of different genres including Gazal, pop, modern. Uncountable achievements in awards, songs, and blessings. One of his top hit songs is ‘Ma Bina Kasai Kasai Lai Muskil Chha Pokhara maa’. Working as Coach for ‘The Voice’ popular international franchise makes him an even more popular singer.

Biography of Pramod Kharel

Pramod Kharel

Early Life & Education

Pramod Kharel

He was born on November 6, 1979, in the Jhapa district of Nepal. His father’s name is Balabhadra Kharel and his mother’s name is Bishnu Sharma Kharel. He completed SLC  from the Himali Secondary School of Jhapa. Then for further study, he moved to Kathmandu. Kharel obtained his master’s degree in chemistry from Tribhuvan University. Apart from singing, he used to work as a lecturer at Xavier International H.S.S. & College, Pyramid College, and White Gold College.


From childhood Pramod Kharel was interested in songs and music, humming songs of different singers and listening to different kinds of music too. He is the most demanded professional singer in Nepal. He is awarded some precious awards from time to time. Pramod Kharel has conducted live concerts in every part of our country and some other countries including Australia, Canada, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, India, UK, Malaysia and many more.

Pramod Kharel Awards

Pramod Kharel

  • Best male vocal performance at Hits FM Music Award.
  • Best modern singer at Sagarmatha Music Awards.
  • Best male pop singer at Bindabashini Music Award.
  • Chhinalata singer of the year 2010.
  • Annapurna singer of the year 2011.
  • Radio Nepal Top Ten Singer Award in 2003.

Pramod Kharel Songs

  • Timi Bina
  • Ma Bina
  • Maya Garchu
  • ohh Kanchi
  • Timro Maya
  • Maya
  • Malai Maaf
  • Maile Maya
  • Maya Pani
  • Usle Jati Maya
  • Timro lagi
  • Ma bina kasai kasailai

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