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Top Nepali Youtube Vloggers 2021

Youtube vlogs have been a great platform for public figures to share their interests and share their daily lives with their fans. The vlog category is popular on the video-sharing platform YouTube. It has become very popular and has become a source of income for many people.

Likewise, many Nepali vloggers are very famous for their vlogs. Their category ranges from travel, beauty, food, photography, fitness, and much more. Below are listed some Nepali vloggers, who are famous for their interesting content, whom you could follow.

Girish Khatiwada

girish khatiwada

Girish Khatiwada is a Nepalese rapper, radio, television personality, and vlogger. He is consistently cited as one of the first and the most influential rappers of Nepal and was labelled the “godfather of Nephop” by The Diplomat Magazine. He was born on August 30, 1979, in Biratnagar, Nepal with an extraordinary talent. Khatiwada started his career at the age of 15 with his first track “Meaningless Rap” in 1994. Today, besides his career in the Nepalese rap music scene, Khatiwada is also one of the most influential Nepali vloggers from Nepal with a total of 70K+ subscribers on his Youtube channel. He is married to his longtime girlfriend Jyoti Ranabhat.

Born September 30, 1979 (age 40)Biratnagar, Nepal
Nationality Nepalese
Pet names Gorkhali G
Occupation Rapper, Radio, Artist television personality, Vlogger

He has written various songs as well. Girish Khatiwada is very popular with the lyrics of his songs, they are very meaningful and motivational. Youngsters of Nepal have loved him and supported him, his songs, his vlogs.

James Shrestha

James Shrestha is a popular Nepali YouTuber based in the United Kingdom(UK). He was born on April 15, 1993, in Kathmandu Nepal and he is 26 years old now. He started his very first youtube career at an early age. His first youtube vlog was Dance Kasari Nagarne but after posting this vlog he got disappeared. After 2 years, he did an extraordinary comeback with 107K+ subscribers on his Youtube Channel. He started his YouTube channel again in February 2017.

james shrestha

Name James Shrestha
Born day April 15, 1993
Age 26 years (2019)
Education Bachelor completed
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Birthplace Kathmandu, Nepal

He is very popular for his talking style, cute smile, and beautiful laugh. Besides vlogging, he is very popular for his voice. He has done songs for his beautiful girlfriend Rojina Thapa and they going to get married this year 2020.

Iamsega- Sega Gurung


Sagar Gurung aka Segs is the owner of the youtube channel lamsega with 1 Million+ subscriber. Nepal’s one of the best vloggers of all with the highest subscribers. He posts travel vlogs, short videos, cover songs, trending challenges, and more on his channel. And nowadays, he’s more into vlogging with his friends and delivers entertaining videos. He joined the YouTube world back in 2016 and has earned immense love from his subscribers. He is only one Nepali vlogger with millions of subscribers and probably the highest-paid YouTuber in Nepal.


Chetan Karki is known as Chetanvlogs. He works as a music producer and composer. In his channel chetanvlogs, he mostly posts vlogs with his daughter.

nepali vloggers

This father-daughter relationship is loved by our Nepali audience and they’re famous as “Papa & Pugu”. You can also find awesome music from this duo on his channel, their vlogs, various music-making process, and more. In November 2018, he released his daughter’s song “TimiRa Ma” which is damn soo good. and in April 2019, he published his Papa Pugu Song named “Eklai Chhu“which was so amazing that it got worldwide famous. He has 382K+ subscribers on his youtube channel.

SMZ real name Susan Maharjan

The Youtube channel SMZ is owned by Susan Maharjan currently has over 138K subscribers. He is a fun-loving moto vlogger who’s been in the YouTube zone since 2016.


Normally when we hear about Motovlogging, all we think is things related to biking – roads, journey, and travel. But in SMZ’s channel, you will find something much more than just that. There will be unlimited humorous commentary by SMZ, actual vlog, crucial information, details, bike reviews, and much more. He is known as a bike lover. SMZ has given a name to his fan base as well; he calls them “Boros and Boronis”.



Lhakyila is known as a “Proper YouTuber”. We can find everything; videos from many categories; beauty, daily vlog, storytime, mukbang, workout tips, Q&A, or some random videos, you will find everything on her channel. It’s been nearly a decade since she joined YouTube. We appreciate her consistency and dedication to YouTube for being there for so long and providing some amazing content. She has 98K+ subscribers on her youtube channel.

Aayush Rimal

Aayush Rimal is a YouTuber that’s been on YouTube since 2013. Initially, he used to make hilarious vines and compile them into a video. And nowadays, he uploads funny content and crazy videos to make his audience laugh. Pranks, talk shows, carpools, parodies, reactions, and just random videos are what you’ll find on his channel. He has 187K+ subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya is a managing director and a CEO at Paradygm Tv. he is a very popular and talented Nepali youtube vlogger too. Besides that, he is a very popular and talented Nepali photographer, videographer, skilled professional filmmaker, and a Youtube Vlogger too.

Name              Sisan Baniya
DOB                June 10, 1991
Current           Residence Kathmandu Nepal
Profession      Youtuber, Photographer, Filmmaker, Editor, Content Creator
Affiliation       Paradygm Pvt. Ltd
Education       Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Management


He was born on 1989, June 10 in the Jhapa district of Nepal. And he started his journey of Vlog from an early age. He wanted to be a moviemaker. He has struggled very hard to become one of the top Nepali Vloggers, once he had to his very first camera to fulfil his dreams. Sisan Baniya was primarily inspired and influenced by Sushant Pradhan, a fitness trainer to come into the Vlogging field. He shares and gives credit to Sushant Pradhan for introducing him into the Vlogging field. With the support and hard work, he is now one of the best Youtube Vloggers with more than 273K subscribers. Sisan Baniya uploaded his first video around 2010 and started vlogging in 2015 officially. He has made a beautiful video for Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada describing the beauty of Nepal. By his hard work and her beauty, she got a Beauty with a Purpose Award in Miss world 2018.

Sushant Pradhan


Sushant Pradhan

Sushant Pradhan is a well-known person in the fitness scene of Nepal. He works at his own gym, The Physique Workshop, as a trainer and puts in his work to help people on their transformation journey. In fact, he has been an integral part of many people’s transformations. He even landed a spot as the Brand Ambassador of Diet Nepal. He started vlogging by recording himself on a camera during his training sessions. For the very first time, he uploaded his youtube video he was thinking of getting a negative response but surprisingly he got more positive responses than he thought. After getting so much love his confidence became higher. Now he is one of the top Nepali Vloggers in the fitness industry with more than 45.8K subscribers.

Mr Foodie Nepal

Mr  Foodie Nepal real name is Jai Pradhan. He is a 25-year-old guy who is a big food enthusiast. He has lots of followers on Instagram where he posts pictures of food regularly.

Mr. Foodie Nepal

He recently started his Mr.foodie Nepal vlog on Youtube where he posts vlogs. He has always been a big-time foodie and loved exploring different restaurants in Kathmandu. Now he explores, eats, travels, and has become one of the best Youtube Nepali Vloggers with more than 52.4K subscribers. Mr foodie Nepal girlfriend’s name is Saddixya Gurung.


Sanna Gurung

Sanna Gurung is a fashion enthusiast, model, and avid Instagrammer. With more than 90k followers on Instagram and more than 33k subs on YouTube, she is also a content creator with a wonderful personality. Her contents range from style tips, shopping overhaul, travel video, and beauty tips. She has also featured on many popular music videos. Being a style icon she tends to set her own styles which can be seen in her collaboration with Metaphor.


Kichhy Vlogs

Krisha Bajracharya, fondly known as Kichhy Vlogs is a lifestyle vlogger. She shows the audience her life; what she does, what she eats, where she travels, and everything else. She is also a businesswoman and owns a restaurant in Durbarmarg. Her interest in Vlogging started while using Snapchat filters. She felt that she could talk in front of a camera with ease. She then started following international vloggers and asked herself, “Why shouldn’t I do this?”. According to Kichhy, her most memorable vlog was her 10k vlog. When her channel reached 10k, her friends planned a surprise for her. It was also the first anniversary of the Kichhy Vlogs.

Her favourite vloggers are Sishan Baniya and Sega. Internationally, Alex Wassabi and Superwoman inspired her a lot.


And if any of your favourite YouTubers or vloggers haven’t been mentioned. Please do comment below from the comment box.


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