Yabesh Thapa Biography

Yabesh Thapa Biography

Name Yabesh Thapa
Birth date August 31 ,2002
Birth place Kathmandu , Nepal
Occupation Singer
Debut Lakhau Hajarau
Affiliation Class X Presentation
Relationship Status Single
Contact Information Facebook

“Keep true to the dreams of your youth.” – Friedrich Schiller

As a rising youth singer, Yabesh Thapa was into music through his seniors in Church who helped in building the base for his music. Yabesh is a singer/songwriter based in Nepal. He mostly follows the indie-acoustic genre. Youth is the golden period to cherish a big dream full of passion and energy. Likewise, he had been passionate about the music field since his childhood. He started writing songs from Grade 7. Then, observing different types of music, and figuring how the music type could help him, he kept pushing himself to his dreams.


Yabesh Thapa debuted in 2020 with Lakhau Hajarau through Class X presentation. He took a whole year to write its lyrics. At first, he had no expectations with the song and after many thoughts, he uploaded the lyrics to Facebook. The post got a lot of likes and support so he wrote the full lyrics. He was shocked to see the immense response of the song. Then he was signed under Classic X Presentation and then released the song. As the song was his first release it became a great success and a path to stardom.


After the release of Lakhau Hajarau, he released his second single Jhari. He says he loves this song the most as he can connect to it. Jhari was written with his true feelings. He wrote the song when he was feeling down and had never expected to turn it into a full-length song. He said he never thought of Jhari being a real thing and added ‘Jhari’ was never actually meant to be a thing.


After releasing a superhit song Jhari he released a new song in collaboration with VEK. The song is a massive hit and is highly acclaimed by the public. He has released many songs which are loved by people all over the world. All people who are on board with him on the journey he has begun are his fans or more like a family to him, and believe not everybody shall love his work, but those who do, they mean it.

Youth is full of strength and intellectual capability, which if properly utilized could assist in turning the invisible into visible, and the hard work to success thus leading to the overall growth of an individual and the nation at large. Hence, as a rising youth keep listening to him, supporting him, there’s a lot more to come. Follow these social media sites to support Yabesh Thapa.

Lesser Known Facts About Yabesg Thapa

  • Yabesh Thapa is a huge fan of Zeremy Zucker
  • To have the voice of Zeremy Zucker and Chloe moriondo is his wish.
  • He is a huge fan of Deadpool
  • Yabesh doesn’t like to take his photos
  • He is shy and introvert
  • Oasis Thapa, Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Vek are his inspiration for music.

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