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Sashwot Khadka | Biography, Age, Height, Education, Career

Chalna deu batash,
udai lagos yo sansar
Samai rahanchu tyo haat,
baki rahaunjel yo saas;
Sital chhaya bani aai deu maya
Sunya sunya cha yaha,
khojchhan timlai nai aakha…..

The mentioned lyrics is from the song Batash, published on the 27th of July 2020 via the YouTube channel “Shashwot Khadka.” The unforgettable song on every Nepali Tongue, “Batash” is composed and sung by rising Nepali singer Sashwot Khadka. Thanks to YouTube, Tiktok and other social media platforms, “Batash” literally went viral spotlighting the efforts of amazing Sashwot. He indeed captivated the heart of many with his melody.

Sashwot Khadka Short Biography

Sashwot Khadka

Date of Birth 30 January 2001
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Age 20 (in 2021)
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Education Bachelor in Food Engineering (India)
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist
Genre R&B (Rhythm and Blues), Slow Rock
Debut Song Apratakchya (2019)
Popular Song Batash
Nationality Nepalese

Childhood and Education

Sashwot Khadka was born and raised in Kathmandu. When a student of grade four, he was attracted to his seniors playing the guitar. He thought that was cool. As he grew up, he started playing the guitar to seem cool and attract others. And that one sweet encounter of young Sashwot to the melody of guitar drove him into the deep ocean of music. Later, he also participated in school events strumming his guitar strings and singing songs. By grade 10, he used to spend almost 5 hours of his day playing and learning music.

As for his studies, he completed his schooling at Kathmandu Model College and is pursuing his Bachelor in Food Engineering at Sharda University (India). He initially had the interest to study agriculture.

Musical Journey of Sashwot

Sashwot is a shy person since his young age. And music helped him express himself more. He loved listening to and singing songs since always. His unexpected encounter with music has today given him a name and spot in the musical industry. As a teenager, he also had wished to record his own songs. While walking, if some lines triggered his mind, he’d reach home and write them down. In writing his own songs, he considers talented singer, songwriter, composer Sajjan raj Vaidya as his inspiration.

He started his formal musical career with his single debut, “Apratakshya”, on August 21, 2019, through his own Youtube Channel. And then “Mana ka Kura” and “Maicha” were released later. His music was underrated at the time of release but later his works have been preferred by many. They indeed are full of emotions and perfect for being a part of your playlist.

Batash-The melodic breeze

Batash brought a metamorphosis in Sashwot’s musical career. One morning on the way to his way to college, the gentle touch of a sweet breeze mesmerized him. Sashwot couldn’t resist this feeling and happened to develop the lyrics of Batash. Then he gave those lyrics a life adding his own music, voice and utmost emotions. That emotion indeed reached deep into the heart of every listener of Batash. The short and melodious Batash turned out to be a hit and the first success achieved by Sashwot Khadka.

Produced by Sanjeev Tamang, the lyrical video was created by Rojan Ghimire. The lyrical video has over 28 million views and the official MV has over 1.2 million views on YouTube. Sashwot wished to mark his name in his musical career and has been blessed with rewarding talent proves “Batash”.

Sashwot Khadka’s new songs

After Batash, Sashwot has released his other works which include “Kapol Kalpit Sapana”, “Jiskidai Jiskaudai”, and “Malai Bhanna Deu”. Have you listened to the masterpieces?

Batash has achieved a milestone indeed but each music made by Sashwot are overwhelming with heart-touching lyrics and sweetest stories. After the success of Batash, Sashwot told Neostuffs that he felt his words can affect many lives. Thus, he feels even more responsibility on his shoulders for his future works. And he indeed gives his best to whatever he does. The newer songs are very sweet to the ears and expressive making the listeners relate to the feeling that the songs deliver.

Sashwot Khadka Songs



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Social Links to Sashwot Khadka

Instagram: @shashwot.khadka
Facebook: Shashwot Khadka
YouTube: Sashwot Khadka
Spotify: Sashwot Khadka

Sashwot Khadka is a rising musical star. He has expressed himself best to his audiences through his songs and we hope for more melodies from him in future.