Dixita Karki

Dixita Karki (PUGU) | Biography, Career, Music

“I express myself, my thoughts, my insecurities through my lyrics and I just like to sit down and write some lyrics about something that is bothering me or if I’m very happy and just encourage myself and people like me out there to go on and move forward in life.”- Dixita Karki

Dixita Karki

A rising singer who started her singing career by covering songs of other popular singers, Dixita Karki. She is a talented and beautiful upcoming youth singer. She is also known as Pugu. Her singing style, her voice are praised all over the country. Dixita Karki has become an example for youths and mainly for youth singers who want to achieve a future in music.

Little things about Dixita Karki to know-

Dixita Karki was born on December 13, 2002. Her father’s name is Chetan Raj Karki known as Papa. He is a musician and popular youtube vlogger. Currently, she is living in Nepal, Lalitpur. Her mother’s name is Nima and she is from china. But her father and mother are separated from each other because of their personal misunderstanding.

She used to live in a hostel and currently she is living with her lovely father. She loves to sing, write songs and love listening to music. She loves travelling to beautiful places, reading novels, painting, sketching and basically most of the things that come in the form of art. She is an environment student which shows she is a nature lover and global warming really bothers her.

Dixita Karki

Musical Career

Dixita Karki (pugu) was very interested in music from an early age. She started singing when she was only 8. At an early age, she was living with her aunt and the only song on her aunt’s mobile was “Baby” by Justin Beiber. She used to listen to that song every day and sing it all the time. After she grew older she started to listen to more English songs. She improved her singing by sitting in front of the laptop and singing karaoke all day long. She also used to perform songs at her hostel when there were shows and people started telling her that she sang really well and that really encouraged her. Then she started covering songs with the help of her dad since he had a studio. After planning things they recorded some songs and they put those songs on her channel. His father used to do gigs on small restaurants and bars and one day he took her to one of his gigs at a bar and she sang a song there which they recorded expecting nothing much and just for fun but that video got a couple of thousands of views and her cover songs started getting views too. After they started doing vlogs and that really blew up because of our strange but beautiful bond.
After covering many songs and after the hard work of many years she released her own song Timi Ra Ma.

Dixita Karki


Timi Ra Ma- A path to success

Dixita Karki debuted in 2018 with her song Timi Ra Ma. The song was produced by her father Chetan Raj Karki. The song was very deeply related to her feelings and love towards her father. Her first song got many views within a single day. Her charismatic voice and deep lyrics were loved by people from all over the world. She has made people fall in love with her through her single song.
Her fans are eagerly waiting for her next song. But currently, she plans on finishing her studies soon so then she can focus only on music without having to worry much. She will be making her comeback soon.

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