Miss Nepal 2019 Anuska Shrestha

Anushka Shrestha Crowned Miss Nepal 2019

KATHMANDU: Anushka Shrestha was crowned Miss Nepal World 2019 as she beat 24 other contestants at the grand finale of the pageant held in the Kathmandu on May 9. Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Miss Nepal World 2018 crowned her 23-year-old successor, who hails from Kathmandu and is currently living in Sydney.

Chief judge Ila Sharma asked the final seven contestants: “If we focus more on our duties, responsibilities rather than focussing just on our rights and our freedom we can make this world a better place. What do you think?”

Shrestha’s answer that won her the title was:

I completely agree with that statement that focussing on our responsibilities more than our rights would certainly change things for the better. Rights and responsibilities are two parts of the same coin, we have been hearing that. We have talked a lot about what should be done for us. But it is high time that we ask ourselves — what am I doing? To ask ourselves and be able to look ourselves in the mirror and say I have fulfilled all my rights therefore I can put my hand on my heart and say that I deserve this, to be able to do that one surely needs to fulfil all our rights including that of a citizen, a person, friend or a partner. Only when we fulfil our responsibilities can we ask for our rights to be given to us.

In addition to winning Miss Nepal World 2019, Shrestha also won two other titles — Miss Intellectual and Yamaha Miss Fascino.

Other winners include:

  • Pradeepta Adhikari – Miss Nepal Universe 2019
  • Riya Basnet – Miss Nepal Earth 2019
  • Meera Kachhepati – Miss Nepal International 2019 and
  • Rose Lama – Miss Nepal Supranational

Miss Nepal 2019 Anuska Shrestha

Adhikari also won other titles of Miss Best Athlete and Miss Talent. Basnet took home the title of Miss Popular Choice. Kachhepati was announced the winner of Miss Beautiful Hair while Lama won two other titles — Miss Glamour and Miss Photogenic.

Other contestants also won titles such as:

  • Miss Friendship (Nancy Bogati)
  • Beauty with a Purpose (Nitika Karmacharya)
  • Miss Best Natural Skin (Jenny Maharjan) and
  • Miss Confident (Nisha Pathak)

Miss Nepal 2019 Anuska Shrestha

It was a big night for Miss Nepal 2019 as a pageant as it also celebrated its 25th anniversary.Organized by The Hidden Treasure, the finale also saw musical performances by singer Deepak Bajracharya and choreographer of the show Rachana Sharma Gurung.

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