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Dhiraj Magar Lookbook | Style and Fashion

Dhiraj Magar is a rising Nepali actor and YouTuber. Born in Nepal, Dhiraj moved to the UK with his family when he was only 2 years old. Before debuting as an actor, Dhiraj was a popular YouTuber named “ThatDudeVlogs” which has been changed now to his own name Dhiraj Magar. He initially opened his Youtube Channel in 2013. But he began to post videos of reactions to K-pop songs, personal vlogs and K-pop commentary since 2015 on a regular basis. He has also posted reaction videos to popular songs of K-pop bands including BTS, Exo, GoT7, BlackPink and more.

Then, he debuted as an actor in 2018. His debut movie was Renasha Bantawa Rai’s written and directed “Intu Mintu London Ma.” He acted opposite to actress Samragyee RL Shah. Dhiraj Magar has shined evermore since then. He is expected to appear together with Jassita Gurung on his next project “I am 21”.

The actor’s charms are endless. Dhiraj Magar is a hard-working actor and an achiever. He defines himself as ambitious, diligent and persistent. He is a head-turner indeed. Dhiraj Magar has a tall height of 5ft 10inches and a very charming personality.

Dhiraj’s fashion is definitely on another level. He seems very sophisticated. His fashion is much inspired by Korean and Japanese fashion Culture which he pulls off in his own style. He’s has been featured as “The Rising Star” in “WOW Magazine August Edition in 2018. Also the Himalayan times of the same year August shared a little much about how fashionable Dhiraj was since his Teenage. And the Friday gift of The Himalayan Times TGIF absolutely didn’t miss him.

Dhiraj Magar Fashion    Dhiraj Magar Fashion

Dhiraj Magar Fashion              Dhiraj Magar Fashion

Dhiraj Magar is highly acknowledged for his elegant look and urbaneness. He describes his personal style as Versatile, Comfortable and minimalist. He often appeared in smart casual outfits that he carried off very well. He had shared to TGIF that he prefers shirts over t-shirts and his favourite bottom wears are skinny jeans and chinos. Also comfy Vans, Converse and Oxfords are the footwear that he prefers.

Fashion is a way of self-expression to Dhiraj and he remains almost updated with every trend. He picks the one that suits his personality the best. And he can pull off any outfit in a very sleek and classy way. About his wardrobe, he mentioned to PartyNepal that Denims, Overcoat and Stripes and patterned shirts are his essentials.

Dhiraj Magar’s Inspiring Style and fashion: Lookbook


Dhiraj likes keeping things simple and that’s what shines the most about his style. Anyone can fall in love with his moderate and glamorous fashion sense.

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Facebook: Dhiraj Magar
Instagram: @dhiraj_mgr
YouTube: Dhiraj Magar

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